At D&B Insurance Solutions we specialize in commercial/business auto insurance. With  multiple companies we offer some of the most competitive rates with the coverages you  need for your business. 

Some of our Specialty Markets inlcude: 

  • Transportation 
  • Cargo 
  • Trucking 
  • Towing 
  • Limos/taxi/Uber 
  • Non Med Transport 
  • Cement/Dump Trucks 
  • Business Auto  

If any of these apply to you, you need commercial auto insurance policy. 

If you own, lease, hire or use vehicles for business, you should minimally carry liability  coverage. It's mandatory in most states for owned autos. In addition, businesses that  move goods or people across state lines are required by federal law to have it. For larger  commercial vehicles, you may need a commercial truck insurance policy. 

You need commercial auto insurance for vehicles that: 

  • Are used for business. 
  • Carry a commercial license plate or tag. 
  • Are registered commercial. 

You should also carry commercial auto coverage if you or your employees use vehicles  for work-related tasks, such as:

  • Driving clients to the airport; 
  • Going on sales calls; 
  • Taking packages to a shipper; 
  • Shopping for office supplies. 

Important to know: You may be required to get additional coverage if you use vehicles  for certain functions, including: 

  • Delivering food, products or publications; 
  • Acting as a chauffeur, taxi or limo service; 
  • Transporting flammable or hazardous materials; 
  • Carrying equipment; 
  • Towing vehicles; 
  • Trucking and moving freight. 

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