Different Forms of Auto Insurance to Consider

There are some kinds of auto insurance that is highly recommended. These protect you not only while driving around Arlington, TX but anywhere else you might need to go. While there are other add-ons features you can consider, these are methods of coverage you really should consider. 

Liability Insurance

This covers you in the event of an accident and the accident is your fault (you are liable for it). The insurance coverage pays not only for you but for the vehicles you damaged. It also goes to help pay for medical bills associated with the accident. 


There are times where your vehicle is damaged and it has nothing to do with you striking another vehicle. There are plenty of examples for this. Perhaps you hit a deer while driving. Comprehensive covers this. If the vehicle is stolen or broken into, comprehensive covers this. If your apartment or condo residence has a faulty sprinkler head and it coats your vehicle in hard, calcium water that damaged the paint, comprehensive will cover this. Many accidents and auto damage occurs when it is only your vehicle. This is something to consider, especially if you live or work in an area of town that has a higher auto theft and break in risk. 


It is illegal to drive in the state of Texas without having insurance. That doesn’t stop people from driving through. If you are in an accident with someone who is uninsured or underinsured and it is their fault, you don’t want to be left with a damaged vehicle because of it. This form of auto insurance will cover the additional costs associated with repairing your vehicle when the person at fault is unable to do so. This makes it a recommended form of auto insurance in Arlington, TX. 

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Do You Need Extra Home Insurance Coverage?

A house is a major responsibility, and there’s a lot to consider in Arlington, TX when you’re trying to decide the best type of home insurance. As tempting as it is to buy just enough to keep you reasonably safe, some people need extra coverage to keep themselves from major financial harm. Answer these questions from State Insurance Solutions to find out if you fall into this category. 

What’s In Your House?

Many people think that they don’t really own anything all that expensive, and thus should just opt for the standard coverage. But you may have more in your house than you think. Art, electronics, and jewelry can all run up big price tags, so if you’re only getting the minimum amount for your belongings, you may want to do another assessment. 

Fences, Gates and Plants 

The land can be pretty valuable around your house, and if you’ve just planted expensive trees and shrubs, added a small apartment over your garage or taken the time to redo your fence, then you may want to reconsider your current coverage. 

Liability and Beyond 

No one expects to get involved in a lawsuit, but when your mailman slips in your walkway after a rainstorm, can you really be certain of how they’ll handle their injuries? Or what if someone goes to a party at your house, leaves after they’ve had a few drinks (despite your protests) and then causes a car accident? You may technically be on the hook for this. 

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What to do When You Have a Pipe Burst in Your Home

Here in Arlington, TX, many people do not think about freezing pipes and what can happen when they occur. Because it doesn’t always get that cold during the night, most people are not prepared and sometimes wake up to a terrible and costly surprise in the morning. If you have a pipe burst in your home, there are a few things you should do to help limit the damage within your home. Use these tips from State Insurance Solutions when you have a pipe burst. 

  • Turn off your water. The first thing you will want to do when you discover that you have a pipe that has burst in your home is turn off the water in your home. This will prevent any more water from coming out of the pipe while you get it fixed and the sooner you take this step, the less water damage you will have as a result. 
  • Call a professional to fix the pipe and repair the water damage. A burst pipe is a big issue and one that you cannot tackle on your own. Once you have turned off the water, call a professional immediately. You may also want to try to get some of the water out of your home if the water leak is small. If it is big, leave that to the professionals as well. 
  • Prepare for freezing temperatures so you can prevent it from happening again. If you have had a pipe burst, then you likely know that you do not want it to ever happen again. To prepare for colder temperatures, you should insulate your exposed pipes but inside and outside of the home and learn to take further preventative measures on freezing nights. 

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Your Liability When You Lend Your Car to Others

It seems so innocent. A friend asks to borrow your car to go to the store to buy a few things. Yet, there is an accident on the way and it is a serious one. What happens?

Texas is an "at-fault," state.  This means that in the case of an accident, the person(s) who is responsible for causing the accident can be sued. It also means the owner of any vehicle can be sued, regardless of any personal involvement in the accident. The owner of the vehicle may have nothing to do with the accident at all yet, the owner is liable if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

If someone asks to borrow your car, do not agree to this easily. When you lend your car to others you are responsible for what they do while driving it. 

If the vehicle is involved in an accident you can be sued for damages or have a criminal prison sentence. This  is not common, however, it does occur.

Some states limit place limits on how much an absentee owner is responsible for if the vehicle they own is involved in an accident.

In a “fault state,” the party that is found to be at fault for an auto accident will be responsible for compensating the injured party for the amount he or she is responsible for. and this is made to protect the rest of the public.

How much the absentee owner can be held liable for and the amount of the claim against  their insurance is something of concern. The insurance might  cover it, but it’s still not fun to be sued for an accident caused by someone else, under circumstances not under the owner’s direct control.

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