Is Home Insurance Necessary in Dallas, TX?

Dallas, TX is one of the most booming cities in the country – people are moving here in droves to escape more expensive and overcrowded areas for a more comfortable life. If you own a home in Texas, this is one of the greatest accomplishments in a person’s life. D&B Insurance Solutions encourages all homeowners to take a look at their insurance policies to make sure they’re up to date and have the appropriate amount of coverage for their needs.

Home Insurance in Dallas

Home insurance is often required by the lender who funds your loan, so for most homeowners, insurance isn’t optional. More than that, it’s a necessary protection for the biggest investment in your life. 

Whether you live alone, with your spouse or partner, or with your family, having insurance is one of the best ways you can ensure the safety and protection of everyone in your home. 

This also includes the personal belongings that you keep in your home. Should your home or belongings ever be damaged in a severe weather scenario, home insurance has you covered. 

Most policies cover storm damage (besides earthquake and flooding), theft, natural disasters, vandalism, and more. 

Having a full coverage home insurance plan will give you the peace of mind that should something happen to your home, you won’t be taking a huge financial hit to repair or rebuild your house. You won’t have to replace every piece of furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items that are damaged or stolen. If you do have to pay out of pocket, the amount will be substantially less. 

Homeowners in Dallas, TX looking for an insurance coverage review or a new plan should contact D&B Insurance Solutions. We specialize in home insurance and we’re here to help.

Benefits of Having Home Insurance

Your home is where you spend most of your time with your loved ones and where you keep your valuable belongings. Therefore, it needs proper protection. The best way to protect your home is by getting home insurance. If you are thinking about whether to buy it or not, D&B Insurance Solutions serving clients in Dallas, TX prepared a list of benefits of this type of insurance: 

Benefits Of Having Home Insurance

Here is why it is worth having home insurance: 

  • It protects your home from natural disasters. Unfortunately, it is not possible to control natural disasters and how they can damage your property. However, if you have home insurance, your home is protected from such common natural disasters as tornadoes, fires, storms, and others. 
  • It protects you from theft. Knowing that someone has broken into your home is probably one of the worst things to experience. The good news is that home insurance will cover different damages, including theft of your possessions. 
  • It is required by mortgage lenders. Many mortgage lenders require you to buy home insurance before approving you for a loan. This is because your home is the lender’s collateral. 
  • It protects against lawsuits. It is quite possible that your guest or visitor can get hurt on your property. If they do, they can sue you. Therefore, it is better to prepare for this type of situation and have home insurance that will cover attorney fees and medical bills. 

D&B Insurance Solutions – We Will Help You To Find Perfect Insurance

If you are a homeowner from Dallas, TX, or any other surrounding area or town, D&B Insurance Solutions is ready to help you find a perfect insurance policy for your home. For more information, feel free to visit our website or give us a call – our agents are always here for you. 

Items Not Covered By Home Insurance

The standard homeowner’s insurance within Dallas, TX covers various perils, from theft to fires and even vandalism. In addition to this, you can expect items such as liabilities to be taken care of along with guests’ bodily harm and property damage. While these protections offer immense benefit to homeowners, some items will still fall outside home insurance. D&B Insurance Solutions covers these exclusions to be on the lookout for.


If flooding occurs within your property and destroys items such as electronics or compromises the structure of your home, your home insurance will not cover your damage. Getting compensation for flooding will require you to get flooding insurance. A flood policy will come in handy in helping you cover your damaged content while also helping you rebuild your home.

Expensive Content

Expensive belongings such as jewelry and fine art are also excluded from your coverage due to their costs. High-priced possessions often require homeowners to get additional coverage, allowing you to protect items such as engagement rings and family heirlooms. Where possible, you can also get a rider for such items, helping you get adequate protection to help with your compensation needs when perils cause damage or when your items are stolen.

Maintenance Issues

Problems arising from negligence are also excluded from home insurance, as these will often be issues that can be avoided. If, for instance, your property suffers moisture damage due to water leaks from faulty air conditioning, your policy will not cover such destruction. Mold growth is another example of a maintenance issue that is not covered by a home policy since this can be avoided by using suitable cleaning agents. In addition to this, pest infestation and general wear and tear also fall under this category, with such problems requiring adherence to the proper cleaning routines.

While the above guide covers home insurance exclusions, getting information on the proper coverage will be crucial in helping you keep your property safe. Call D&B Insurance Solutions today to get customized coverage for your Dallas, TX property.

Should I get a home insurance plan in Dallas?

If you would like to buy and own a home, choosing the right location is important. The Dallas, TX area has continued to provide great value to home buyers as it is a rapidly growing area that offers a lot of potential for price appreciation. If you would like to buy a home in this area of Texas, you have to get insurance for it. This type of coverage is needed for a few different reasons.

Coverage is Needed to Protect Home

The main reason that people should get a home insurance plan is so they can cover their home. Your home is an incredibly important asset that will also be a place to live. If there is ever a bad storm, fire, or other situation that causes damage, the cost to remediate can be significant. Fortunately, you will be able to offset and protect against this risk if you get a proper home insurance plan. 

Coverage is a Requirement for Many Owners

You will also need a home insurance plan as it could be a requirement for many owners. Anyone that has taken out a mortgage or lives in a home association will undoubtedly need to have a home insurance plan. This coverage can help to protect your lender’s collateral and also gives valued liability coverage, which is required by most associations. 

When you live in the Dallas, TX area and decide to buy a home, you will always want to know that you have the right insurance in place. With a proper home coverage plan, you will get the protection needed to cover your dwelling and offer liability coverage. The team at D&B Insurance Solutions can help you get the right coverage. D&B Insurance Solutions does this by assessing your situation and giving the support needed to build a new plan. 

Will Home Insurance Cover A Non-Working Car?

Suppose you have a project car in the garage. It’s not insured, it’s not really road-worthy, it needs a lot of work before you can get behind the wheel again, so of course, you don’t have it covered on your auto insurance policy.

Now, suppose your Dallas, TX home burns down, and you lost the project car in the fire. The question is: Will your home insurance cover it?


If your car is not licensed for road use, and if your home insurance provider has been informed that you have a non-running car in the garage, and it’s included on your inventory, you might be covered. In this instance, it would typically be treated like any high-value item, like jewelry or antiques.

But the key is that this car is not licensed for road use. If you have a license plate on it, then it’s probably not going to be covered without auto insurance.

In short, getting a non-running car covered under your home insurance policy is usually an option, but only if it is absolutely not a working, licensed auto.

For many homeowners, it makes more sense to simply cover the non-running car under their normal policy. This way you can be sure you’re protected, and when you do get it running again, you’re already covered and legal to drive, and you don’t need to make the extra call to your home insurance agent to let them know you’re switching the car over to your auto provider.

If you have any questions about getting covered with home insurance in Dallas, TX, call D&B Insurance Solutions. D&B Insurance Solutions can get you a good deal on a great policy.

How Natural Disasters May Impact Your Home Insurance Policy

D&B Insurance Solution provides insurance coverage to the Dallas, TX community. We help our clients find the coverage they need to protect what matters most. We are confident that we can assist you and ensure that you find policies that suit your lifestyle.

How Natural Disasters May Impact Your Home Insurance Policy

Your Dallas, TX home is one of your most prized possessions. Home insurance helps protect your investment. You will be covered if your property suffers interior or exterior damage. Your personal items are covered if they are stolen or vandalized. Liability coverage protects you if someone is injured due to an accident on your property. Texas is prone to severe weather at times, especially during humid summers. That increases the chances of a natural disaster occurring. Here is a look at how natural disasters may impact your home insurance policy.


The South is prone to flooding during cases of severe weather. You will have to amend your policy to cover any flood damages to your personal items or the interior of your home.


Severe thunderstorms can cause multiple problems. Lightning and hail have the potential to damage your roof. Thunderstorms also have the potential to cause fires. Home insurance will cover your property against the threat of potential damage. In the aftermath of a thunderstorm, high winds can move into the area. They have the potential to destroy your roof or fence and cause objects to float and damage the exterior of your home.


You can add extra coverage to your policy to cover you as you deal with the serious and potentially deadly consequences of hurricanes.

D&B Insurance Solution Will Help You Protect Your Asset

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What benefits comes with home insurance?

In the Dallas, TX area, there will continue to be a lot of great benefits that are provided to local residents. The number of local amenities and a good economy can also make this a great place to purchase a home. If you are going to purchase a home in the Dallas area, you will want to ensure that you are properly protecting your home. One of the ways that you can do this is by getting a home insurance policy. There are several benefits received when you get this protection

Coverage to Protect Dwelling

One of the benefits that you will take advantage of when you get home insurance is coverage for your dwelling. If you have taken out a home insurance policy, you are going to receive a certain level of coverage to repair or even replace your home. This will be helpful if your home is ever damaged due to a fire, vandalism, or a variety of other issues.

Coverage for Liability Protection

You should also consider getting home insurance because it can offer you liability protection. If there is ever an accident that occurs in your home, there is always a chance that you could be found liable for damages. With home insurance, you will have coverage for these risks. 

There are clearly many benefits that do come when you get home insurance. If you do want to get this insurance coverage in the Dallas, TX area, you should speak with someone that you can trust and understands this type of insurance. The team at State Insurance Solutions can offer you the guidance you need to build and choose a policy. Based on the assessment provided by State Insurance Solutions, you will know that you and your home will be appropriately covered at all times. 

What You Need to Know Before Buying Home Insurance

You worked hard to obtain your beautiful home, so you know that it is important to protect your investment by obtaining home insurance. However, there are various things to consider before purchasing home insurance to ensure your home and possessions are adequately covered. Thus, the following includes things you should know about home insurance before buying it:

1. Location 

Location is a huge factor when it comes to home insurance. For instance, if your home is located near an area typically an area that has frequent catastrophes, your home insurance policy will most likely be a lot more costly. If your home is near a permanently staffed and highly-rated fire department, you may have a home insurance policy that is more affordable. 

2. Flood Insurance may be Needed

Home insurance policies typically do not cover damage from flooding. So, if you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding, it will behoove you to obtain separate flood insurance.  

3. Earthquake Insurance may also be Required 

For areas that are more prone to have earthquakes, it is crucial to obtain separate earthquake insurance to cover damage caused by earthquakes. According to the Insurance Information Institute, up to 39 states experienced tremors, not just California. 

4. Extra Protection may be Required for Homes with a Hot Tub/Pool

You can pay court costs and other expenses through liability coverage of home insurance, or you can ensure extra protection through an umbrella liability policy. 

5. The Possible Payoff of a High Deductible

You can save money annually with a higher deductible, and you should only use the insurance when it is really necessary, i.e. catastrophic situations. 

If you live in Dallas, TX, or surrounding areas and you need more information about home insurance, contact State Insurance Solutions today. For several years, State Insurance Solutions has been serving the Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas for several years. They are licensed and experienced. Contact them today!

How to create an accurate home inventory

When you are a homeowner, having an accurate home inventory is an important part of your protection plan for your home. Bad things happen to good people every day and no location is safe from all the things that can happen. Filing an insurance claim is never fun but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. State Insurance Solutions in Dallas, TX is there to give support to their clients when the need arises. 

Creating an accurate home inventory can take several forms. The traditional way was to use a pad and pen or pencil. It is somewhat easier to use a video to document all your possessions. Using a digital format is also a possibility. No matter how you decide you want to do it, it means that you need to go to every room, your attic, basement, and even to your garage, shed, or a casita. All of these places have items that you own. 

In addition to the list of the items that you have, the more documentation that is included the easier it will be to get the items that you had replaced. You should make a habit of keeping invoices and receipts for items that you purchase, especially higher-priced items. Electronics and appliances should include model, serial numbers, and brand name. Knowing when items were purchased, even just the year can also be helpful. 

When something bad happens, it causes lots of stress and anything that you can do to lessen that stress will be much appreciated. Your complete home inventory which you stored in a safe place will be one of those things. 

Residents of Dallas, TX  can count on the team at State Insurance Solutions to be there when they need them whether it is purchasing a home policy or helping file a claim. Give the office a call for a no-obligation quote. 

Should You Get Replacement Cost Coverage For Home Insurance?

Replacement cost coverage is the gold standard for home insurance. You deserve it. Talk with your agent at State Insurance Solutions, serving Dallas, TX and the surrounding area, to learn more about replacement cost coverage for your home and its contents. If you do have it, and you have not reviewed the coverage for some time, or if your home was improved, then ask for an insurance review. An insurance review makes sure that the current policy provides adequate coverage.

What is the replacement cost?

For a home, the replacement cost is the construction cost that would rebuild the home to a similar condition as a brand-new one of the same type. If your home is 40 years old and falling apart, replacement cost is not the value for selling the home, but the cost of rebuilding a brand-new one.

For personal property, the same thing applies. You can get replacement cost coverage for valuable things in the home. You make a detailed inventory of what you have in the home and on the property. If anything covered is damaged, lost, or stolen, for a reason that is insured against, you will have protection. If there is a legitimate claim and something needs to be replaced, you will get a brand-new one of the same type.

Benefits of Replacement Cost Coverage

The main benefit is peace of mind. If you work with your agent to have the protection in place, then, if anything bad happens you will be upset about it but not panic. You will never face the possibility of having lost everything. You will be in the category of people who manage finances well to protect their families. This follows the recommendations of the top tier of financial planners.

Find out about replacement coverage. To get an insurance review and a quote, contact your agent at State Insurance Solutions in Dallas, TX.