How Much Auto Insurance Do You Need in Texas?

Like other states, Texas mandates the type of auto insurance coverage that drivers must have. It’s required that you have at least the minimum amount of coverage required and that you always carry proof of this coverage. There are stiff penalties for drivers who don’t have the required insurance coverage. If you don’t have the auto insurance you need, give us a call today at D&B Insurance Solutions in Dallas TX.

Required Liability Coverage

There are two types of liability coverage that are required and three amounts that must be included. The first is for bodily injury liability for one person who is injured in an accident that you are the cause of. The second is a separate amount mandated for everyone who is injured in an accident Kath you are the cause of. The third requirement is a minimum amount for property damage liability. This pays for the damage done to someone else’s property in an accident that you caused. 

Automatic Coverage

The liability coverages that are required are technically the only types that are mandated by the state. However, in Texas, there are also two types of automatic coverage. These two coverage types are automatically added to your auto insurance, and you have to go through a few steps to get them taken off if you don’t want them. These coverages include personal injury protection and uninsured motorist. Personal injury protection pays for the medical bills that you and your passengers have if the other motorist does not pay for those expenses. An uninsured motorist policy protects you in case an accident is caused by a motorist without insurance. Both of these insurance types are useful, and both keep you better protected than only keeping the mandatory coverage types. 

Get Insured

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