How Auto Insurance in Texas Works

When you drive in Texas, you are required to have at least the minimum amounts of coverage that is mandated by the state. It is required that you carry proof of your coverage and that you show it to a law enforcement official when asked. Without the right coverage, you could be given fines and fees. If you need auto insurance in Dallas TX, call us now at D&B Insurance Solutions.

Liability Coverage

There are a few minimum amounts required for liability coverage in the state. These include a set minimum amount for one person who is injured in an accident that is caused by you. There is another, higher, amount of coverage that you must have for everyone who is injured in the accident. In addition, you must have at last the minimum amount required for property damage liability. This pays for the damage done to someone else’s property, whatever that may be, in an accident that is caused by you. All of these amounts are relatively low, however, and it could be a good idea to get coverage beyond the required amounts.

Other Insurance Types

If you want additional coverage for your vehicle, you can get coverage types that pay for the damage done to your own vehicle in a number of different circumstances. Collision coverage is a type that pays for your own property damage in an accident that you caused. Comprehensive insurance pays for a number of things that can happen to your vehicle when it is not being driven. 

Get Auto Coverage

When you need auto insurance for one or more vehicles, don’t go without the required coverage. Give us a call at D&B Insurance Solutions in Dallas, TX to find out more. Staying insured can save you financially as well as making you legal to drive in Texas.