Comprehensive Auto Insurance Benefits

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Comprehensive Auto Insurance Benefits

Auto insurance helps keep you safe as you travel around the Dallas, TX community. Collision coverage protects you if you make an impact with another vehicle. Liability insurance covers you if you are ruled to be responsible for an accident injuring someone or causing damages. Comprehensive coverage is another option. Here’s a look at the benefits of comprehensive auto insurance.

Protects You In Unique Situations

Consider you are driving early in the morning or late at night and an animal approaches your car out of nowhere. If you hit a large animal such as a deer, that can do extensive damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance covers you if your vehicle suffers damage in this situation.

Severe Weather

Dallas, TX is known to have severe weather at times. Comprehensive insurance gives you peace of mind if your vehicle suffers a cracked windshield due to hail or a tree falls on your roof. Comprehensive coverage also covers you if your vehicle is damaged in a fire or flood.

Covers Stolen Vehicles

Being a victim of car theft can be heartbreaking. Luckily comprehensive insurance offers a safety net if that happens. In addition to covering your stolen vehicle, comprehensive coverage also covers a rental while your vehicle is being repaired, or you are looking for a replacement.

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