Exploring The Benefits Of Modified Auto Insurance

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Exploring The Benefits of Modified Auto Insurance

Operating a vehicle is a high-risk endeavor due to the unpredictable nature of road conditions. Auto insurance is a safety net. Auto insurance covers you in multiple situations. You are covered if your vehicle suffers damage through colliding with another vehicle or object. You are also covered if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized. Liability coverage protects you if you are ruled to be at fault for any damages caused by your vehicle. Liability coverage also covers an injured passenger’s medical treatment. If you opt for comprehensive coverage, you are protected if your vehicle suffers damage due to a fire or inclement weather.

The Dallas, TX area hosts multiple car shows and exhibits. Many people enjoy customizing their vehicles. If you have made some changes to your vehicle, research modified insurance. Modified insurance is a policy tailored to the specific needs of your custom vehicle. A modified policy is the only way to ensure that your upgrades are fully covered in the event of an emergency. Modified insurance covers popular vehicle upgrades such as an enhanced navigation system, custom rims or wheels, and a high-end engine. Consider adding storage coverage to your policy. Perhaps you only plan to drive your modified car on a limited basis. That means it will be in storage most of the time. Storage coverage protects your vehicle if anything happens to it while it’s parked.

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Should You Bundle Your Home and Auto Insurance?

When shopping around for home and automobile insurance, you may get asked if you want to bundle them together. This may be a good idea, though there are also times when you may not want to do so. 

Here are some reasons why you may want to bundle your home and auto insurance.

  • You may get a discount for bundling. Most insurance companies allow you to save up to twenty-five percent on your premiums. 
  • You may only be required to pay one deductible. Your insurance company may only give you one deductible to meet for both policies. This often means that you have a lower overall deductible. 
  • You are less likely to be dropped by your insurance company. Some companies will drop their clients if they submit too many claims. However, you may be less likely to be dropped if you rely on them for more than one policy. 

Here are some reasons why you may not want to bundle your home and auto insurance.


  • You may not be as quick to compare prices for insurance companies. You may be excited by the thought of saving money when bundling. This may lead you away from price shopping. You could end up spending more money, even with a discount. 
  • You may also forget to continue to shop around. Many people love to stay with the same company for years. However, they can slowly raise their rates, and you may not even notice! 

Only you can decide whether you want to try bundling your home and automobile insurance. If you need some assistance in Dallas, TX, don’t hesitate to contact D&B Insurance Solutions today.