Will Home Insurance Cover A Non-Working Car?

Suppose you have a project car in the garage. It’s not insured, it’s not really road-worthy, it needs a lot of work before you can get behind the wheel again, so of course, you don’t have it covered on your auto insurance policy.

Now, suppose your Dallas, TX home burns down, and you lost the project car in the fire. The question is: Will your home insurance cover it?


If your car is not licensed for road use, and if your home insurance provider has been informed that you have a non-running car in the garage, and it’s included on your inventory, you might be covered. In this instance, it would typically be treated like any high-value item, like jewelry or antiques.

But the key is that this car is not licensed for road use. If you have a license plate on it, then it’s probably not going to be covered without auto insurance.

In short, getting a non-running car covered under your home insurance policy is usually an option, but only if it is absolutely not a working, licensed auto.

For many homeowners, it makes more sense to simply cover the non-running car under their normal policy. This way you can be sure you’re protected, and when you do get it running again, you’re already covered and legal to drive, and you don’t need to make the extra call to your home insurance agent to let them know you’re switching the car over to your auto provider.

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Auto insurance add-ons you may want to consider

Auto insurance provides a variety of different types of coverage. A basic auto policy will offer liability coverage which is mandated by most states. Sometimes you may have to have collision and comprehensive coverage. When you need auto insurance, a trusted independent insurance agent can help you to choose the best auto insurance. In Dallas, TX, D&B Insurance Solutions offers expert solutions. We believe your insurance matters and so does your agent. 

Roadside assistance

When your car breaks down or you have a flat tire, you may be stranded. Some people have coverage for these types of events through an automobile club like AAA, You can however have the same type of coverage from your auto insurance carrier. Usually, this type of coverage is less expensive from the insurance company which makes it an attractive add-on. 

Rental coverage

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident you won’t have any way to get to work. If you have rental coverage add-on you will be able to get a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired. It will also provide a rental car for a short time if your vehicle is totaled so you can find a new car. 

Uninsured motorist

Normally if you are in an accident with someone and they are at fault, their insurance will pay for your injuries. If they don’t have insurance or if they don’t have enough insurance, you could be left in the lurch. If you have really good medical insurance then maybe this insurance is redundant but if you are in doubt, it’s good insurance to have. 

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