Using Umbrella Insurance During Estate Planning to Protect Your Assets

Umbrella insurance provides additional auto, legal and home insurance for estate planning. It helps you protect your beneficiaries against lawsuits and losses above your regular insurance policies. Ask your State Insurance Solutions professional what coverage you need to protect your interests in Arlington, TX.

What’s an Umbrella Policy?

An umbrella policy is an additional layer of insurance that kicks in if your homeowners or auto policy limit has reached is exceeded. For example, if your house guest falls or your dog bites the neighbor, the medical and legal costs may exceed your homeowner’s policy. In this case, for covered events, umbrella insurance kicks in. The same goes for legal costs from a judgment against you. However, even if you win a court case, the legal expenses can lead to financial ruin. Luckily, umbrella insurance has you covered.

What’s Covered? 

When you experience a loss, your homeowners or auto insurance is tapped first to pay the claim. If you exhaust your coverage in those policies, your umbrella bridges the gap. Every policy is set up differently, so you have to select the coverage that benefits you the most. However, a typical umbrella policy covers: 

  • injury to others, including house guests or other motorists.
  • property damage, including your vehicles, home and other assets
  • legal cost to defend yourself in a lawsuit
  • any settlements or payments you are ordered to pay

Use umbrella insurance to protect your survivors and assets from these types of losses.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Just about everyone should consider his or her need for an umbrella insurance policy. Consult your representative at State Insurance Solutions today to find out which types of coverage would best suit your family. You can also make an appointment to come in for a free quote.