Renewing Your Auto Insurance Policy? Avoid These Mistakes

Working with a trustworthy insurance agency is key to getting good auto insurance coverage at reasonable costs. At State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX, we can help you avoid costly mistakes in purchasing auto insurance that can increase your premium unnecessarily. What are some of the most common mistakes people make when renewing their auto insurance policy?

Not Re-evaluating Their Needs

When renewing car insurance, it’s important to re-evaluate your needs as circumstances may have changed from when you purchased your original policy. If you upgraded your vehicle or use it more often, you may need more coverage to protect you against accidents. Consider the value and use of your vehicle, your driving habits and your budget when renewing your policy to determine the coverage you need.

Not Shopping Around

Auto insurers vary in coverage options and costs. If you don’t shop around, you may get stuck with mediocre coverage from a mediocre company. Research your options, compare insurance packages and costs and look for a company you can trust.

Getting Insufficient Coverage

Insufficient auto liability coverage could leave you liable for paying high medical bills or property damage to others in an accident you cause. Without collision coverage, you’ll also foot the bill for repairs to your car. Unless you’re financially capable of handling these expenses, it’s best to obtain insurance coverage that offers protection for both.

Raising Deductible Too High

You may be tempted to raise your deductible to lower insurance costs. If you choose a deductible that’s higher than what you can reasonably afford to pay for injuries or car repairs in the event of an accident, you’ll suffer financial loss as you’ll have to pay more out of pocket to cover accident costs.

For help selecting the right car insurance package at the right cost, contact us at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX.

Talking to Your Arlington, TX Agent About Commercial Insurance

If you’re operating a business in the Arlington, TX area, you probably need commercial insurance. That way you can protect your business financially, and you can also protect your employees and customers if they are injured while on your property. Not every business will need the same kind of insurance solution, though, so you want to make sure you’re getting what works for your business and situation. By working with an agent at State Insurance Solutions, you can get the information you need to make the right decision about your commercial insurance policy.

For a small, home-based business without customers coming to the door, for example, a commercial policy may not even be necessary. Additionally, an office and a factory will have very different insurance needs. Two offices may also have unique needs, depending on whether they have customers that come onto the premises and what types of services they perform. Retail establishments may need higher liability levels to protect against damaged and broken items. There’s so much to consider with a commercial insurance policy, so working with the right agent is definitely the way to reduce problems and add the right layer of protection.

By reaching out to State Insurance Solutions for your Arlington, TX business needs, you’ll be able to work with a knowledgeable agent who can give you the information you want and need about policy options. Then they can work with you to choose the policy that is going to be right for your business. You should periodically review the coverage with your agent and make adjustments as your needs change, as well. Then you can be sure to have what you need in the way of a good policy that will protect your commercial investment and give you peace of mind.