Can I Get Life Insurance After 50?

One of most commonly asked questions regarding life insurance by people living in Arlington, TX is whether or not a person can purchase a policy once they get older. While it is not suggested to wait so late in life to buy life insurance, it is possible. In fact, no matter a person’s age, buying a policy is still an option. For now, let’s take a look at the reasons not to wait until you’re 50 to buy a life insurance policy.

The Older You Get, the Closer You Are to Dying

With each passing day, you are getting closer to dying and insurance companies know this. This is why they prefer you to buy a policy when you are younger. Not only is it beneficial to them, but it is beneficial to you because you can lock in lower rates. The younger you are, the lower your premium rate will likely be. Getting a policy when you are 25 versus 50 could save you thousands of dollars in premiums.

Your Health Becomes More Complicated the Older You Get

One of the primary factors that affect your life insurance rate is your health. As you get older, though, your health tends to start to go downhill. As you run into more health problems, the more costly your life insurance will be if you have yet to buy a policy. If you purchase a policy while you are young and healthy, though, you can lock in a good rate that won’t change based on changes that take place in your health.

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Texting in Texas: Important Considerations for Business Owners

Many businesses hire commercial drivers. We notice them on streets throughout the greater Arlington, TX area, whether they are delivering small packages or navigating large trucks. As employees and ambassadors of the businesses they work for, these drivers must exercise great caution on our roads while also meeting their deadlines. Employers need to know about a recently-enacted Texas law that affects how these drivers communicate with their offices while on the clock.

More than a half-century ago, businesses began outfitting their fleets with citizens band (CB) radios. By the mid-1970s, CB radios also became popular in many private vehicles, though much of the use today is by truckers and other commercial drivers checking on road conditions along their routes. Over the last two decades, advances in technology and competitive pricing have allowed drivers in many businesses to use mobile devices as the preferred way of staying in touch with their home base.

Importance of the Alex Brown Memorial Act

Numerous jurisdictions have enacted laws in response to the dangers resulting from distracted driving. Employees who text or use other mobile apps while operating a vehicle may pose a liability to their company. Texting or scrolling through apps on hand-held devices is very distracting, dangerous, and sometimes deadly.

The Alex Brown Memorial Act took effect throughout Texas on September 1, 2017. This legislation regards tablets, mobile phones, and similar devices as distractive items for motor vehicle operators. Under this law, using these devices while operating a vehicle is a primary offense with legal penalties imposed.

State Insurance Solutions encourages commercial firms in Arlington, TX and throughout our state to inform their employees of this law. Responding to a text or message while safely off the road may save a life. State Insurance Solutions looks forward to assisting you with your life and commercial insurance needs. Contact us today.