Why auto insurance protects your family

State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX understands Texas values, American values:  Apple pie, Family, and a great car adventure.

One of the great things about living in Texas is piling the family and friends in the car and going to experience some of the best of Texas : the Texas State Fair, the cowboy life at Sugar and Spice Guest Ranch, and great and unique cities like Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, the National Seashore at South Padre Island and all that Texas can offer, in family fun.

You crave that family fun. So why shouldn’t you want the best auto insurance can provide to protect your family?

Good auto insurance for your family sometimes involves looking at what is best for your situation. You aren’t just protecting small bodies from injury or the cataclysm of an accident that involves intensive medical bills, you are protecting your families assets from the possible financial damages result of an accident.

According to Kelly Blue Book, the best way to protect your family is to not to be underinsured.

Avoid being an underinsured family motorist:

Go beyond the state minimum for bodily liability

Get auto insurance coverage for property damage

Protect yourself against uninsured and underinsured drivers

Check health insurance before choosing medical expenses coverage

Don’t be sideswiped by going without collision coverage

Be smart with your comprehensive coverage

Get enough coverage to protect your assets

At State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX, they understand how much Texans love their families and love to drive off into the sunrise and sunset to have fun, but they also understand what you need to protect your precious family, and they are just a short drive (Texas style) away and ready to help.

3 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Taking care of your motorcycle isn’t just smart for your vehicle, it’s smart for your personal safety as well. It helps your motorcycle stay on the road longer so that you can enjoy the fresh air and the wind in your hair for many years to come. State Insurance Solutions wants the people of Arlington, TX to follow these tips for a happier drive.

Wear Your Gear

Enforcing helmets, long pants, knee pads and protective footwear isn’t always what you want to think about when it comes to riding your bike. It’s not exactly the coolest image to have when you bring out the helmets and the face protectors. You’d probably much rather think about the feeling of gliding from place to place on your bike. But protective gear can also be the only thing that stands between 3 weeks of recovery and 10, so make sure you suit up.

Wake Up

From tailgating to speeding to taking a curve just a little too fast, there are certain things we all do on the road that probably need to stop. For an easier ride, make sure you’re paying attention not just to your own habits on the road, but to others as well. The more the people of Arlington, TX can be alert to what’s happening around them, the safer everyone on the road will be.

Get Better Insurance

Motorcycle insurance can protect your motorcycle from all of the events that are outside of your control. Fancy alarm systems and safer parking strategies can help, but nothing can prevent a major storm or particularly motivated thief. If you’re interested in additional coverage, contact State Insurance Solutions for more information or to ask for a quote. Our friendly staff is waiting to help you learn more about motorcycle insurance!