The Keys to Child Safety at Home

Raising kids is the greatest calling, but no matter how amazing you are as a parent, you can’t keep a watchful eye on them 100 percent of the time. If you want to avoid some of the biggest home dangers for kids in Arlington, TX, take a look at the simple guide compiled from research by State Insurance Solutions.

Hazardous Materials

You know the general list. Cleaning supplies and medication should be locked up and out of reach of the kids. You can add sharp and heavy tools to this list as well. Any childproof cabinets, lock boxes or similar safety measures work equally well for both types of danger. In fact, locking toolboxes can be an excellent place to store some of your cleaning supplies, provided it stays at room temperature and you keep track of the key. Mostly, the rule is simple: if you can get into without a specialized tool (like a key or safety latch), the kids can too.

Choking and Suffocating

Wow. This list looks pretty scary. As sad as it is, these are the leading causes of death for children under the age of five. Fortunately, you can take effective measures to avoid this tragedy. First, and most obvious, is to secure your pool if you have one. If it can’t be secured, drown-proof covers go a long way. Outside of swimming pools, there are still some hazards to manage. Any source of water, from scrub buckets to toilets, should be emptied when not in use or secured when possible. Aside from water, make sure anything small enough to fit in a mouth is never left in the open, and always ensure that your kids are eating the appropriate foods for their age.


If your kids are past infancy, you’ve already made it past the bulk of perils on this list. Unfortunately, falls are a big issue for kids (and even adults). The first step is to keep windows and doors secured. It reduces places where kids can climb and fall. Also, until the kids are big enough, keep the staircases barricaded. If you make sure appliances, furniture and other heavy objects, like TVs, are properly secured, you’ll mitigate the bulk of falling risks.

The final step of preparedness is to know what options you have to get your kids help when they need it. Talk to your State Insurance Solutions agent to make sure they’re protected, and you can live your Arlington, TX, lifestyle with a little more peace of mind.