Boat Insurance Add Ons to Consider

There’s nothing like spending time out on the water with your favorite boat. It is everything from relaxing to exciting. As such a large purchase, you want to make sure and protect it from any kind of harm. This is why investing in the right boat insurance and accompanying add on’s is a must. At State Insurance Solutions, we are here to assist you, whether you live in Arlington, TX or the surrounding communities. Here are just some of the boat insurance add on’s to consider. 

Transportation Insurance

It is always best to check your boat insurance to see if it is covered while in transit. You’re more likely to be involved in an accident while on the road than in the water. Due to this, protect your boat while on the road with these kinds of insurance add ons. 

Fishing Equipment Coverage

Do you use your boat to fish? Perhaps you use it as part of your business or you’ve simply invested heavily in outfitting the rig with additional fishing hardware. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to protect the fishing equipment you have purchased, which is where this form of coverage comes in. 

On Water Towing

Unless you own a row boat, if you’re out on the water and your vessel breaks down, you’re going to need a tow. Towing a boat isn’t always cheap, which is why on-water towing insurance is a valuable addition to your coverage. 

Whether you own a speed boat, a pontoon or anything else in between, you need to make sure your boat is properly covered with the right insurance package. At State Insurance Solutions, we’re here to assist you in finding the right coverage to ensure you’re always protected, no matter where you go or how often you’re on the water. 

Umbrella Insurance for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to think beyond basic liability policies to fully protect their business assets. Commercial auto, real estate, and life insurance policies guarantee a portion of your investment against loss or damage. But what happens when repairing or replacing your critical equipment costs more than your insurance payout?

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance policies cover costs that other policies don’t. Imagine you own a successful shop in Arlington, TX. A large storm comes through. Your building, vehicles, and inventory are completely ruined. After filing your claims, you realize the amount the insurance company sends you doesn’t cover the cost of cleaning, repairing, and restocking your business.

That’s when your umbrella policy goes to work. Once the limits of your other policies are reached, umbrella insurance kicks in to fill in the gaps. These types of policies are often called excess liability contracts.

Umbrella policies also help pay for legal costs associated with cases of libel and slander. If you are found liable for damage to the reputation of another business or person, your policy can help you make court-ordered payments.

The insurance professionals at State Insurance Solutions can customize an insurance package for your business that includes an umbrella policy.

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need Umbrella Insurance?

Regardless of the type of business you operate, your livelihood depends on having access to your equipment or property. Theft, natural disaster, and accidents can cause catastrophic loss and threaten your ability to rebuild. An umbrella policy ensures that you have the cash to start again, no matter what happens.

Want to know more about how umbrella insurance can protect your business interests? Contact the experts at State Insurance Solutions. We offer a variety of insurance products for business owners in the Arlington, TX area.