Myths About Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those things that no one wants to think about, but it’s an important thing to consider. Learn these myths so you aren’t leaving your loved ones in a bad financial situation.

1. You Don’t Need Coverage If You Don’t Have Dependents

Even those that are single should have enough insurance to cover any debt, medical bills and funeral expenses. This will ensure that you don’t leave unpaid expenses for your family.

2. You Only Need Twice Your Salary for Coverage

The amount of insurance is going to differ for everyone depending on needs.  Factors like funeral costs, the ability to pay off the mortgage and money to provide for your family for several years will go into determining what the coverage should be.

3. Life Insurance Coverage at Work Is Enough

For a single person the employer coverage may be enough, but if you have other dependents you may need more coverage than the policy has to make sure everyone is covered.  Even with a work policy, additional coverage can be purchased at State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX.

4. Only the Breadwinner Needs Life Insurance

If one person is a homemaker and they pass, there will be other costs to consider, like cleaning and daycare, so life insurance coverage makes sense to cover those losses.

5. It’s Better to Invest than Buy Life Insurance

You may pass before your investments break even and there will not be enough money to cover the necessary costs for the family with just investments. Once your family goes through current assets, there won’t be any money left over.

There are plenty of things to consider for life insurance and purchasing earlier in life is better. Contact State Insurance Solutions serving Arlington, TX to learn more about your options for life insurance.

The Link Between Your Employees and Commercial Insurance

When you consider your employees, what exactly do you think about them? Do you find them generally trustworthy, or do you find yourself taking steps to safeguard yourself from what they choose to do the job? No matter what the answer is, you may want to consider just how commercial insurance is meant to help you should something go wrong with your employees. State Insurance Solutions wants the people of Arlington, TX to be as prepared as possible.

Employees Make Mistakes 

Whether you work in a dangerous factor with hard hats or in an air-conditioned office, employees make mistakes. What you may not know is that employers typically have to cover any injuries under their commercial insurance with very few exceptions. This means that even if an employee was told how to use a specific piece of equipment but fails to operate it properly, you’re still liable for any injuries they may sustain. 

Employees Can Sue 

Whether it’s because they feel they were wrongfully terminated or because they feel that your chairs didn’t provide enough ergonomic support, employees can sue for any number of reasons. As you might imagine, it can get complicated quickly if you have to get the courts involved. Having the right insurance in Arlington TX ensures you’re not buried under a mountain of paperwork or legal fees. 

The bottom line is that smart hiring can go a long way to avoiding any and all of these potential problems, but no employer is immune from having one of their employees take action against them. If you think you may need better commercial insurance to have a safer chance of defending your livelihood from these potential dangers, it’s time to call State Insurance Solutions today for more information about better coverage.