What Vehicles Are Considered “Toys” For Insurance Purposes

Feeling a Bit of a Whimsy?

The knowledgeable staff at State Insurance Solutions located in Arlington, TX knows a little about that. We want you to feel that you have definitely checked the box when it comes to getting the right kind of insurance for your toy vehicles. Who wants to encounter an insurance hazard while you are out driving one of your toys? The whole ideas is to have fun.

When we say toys we mean your

  • Motorcycle
  • R.V 
  • Jet Ski’s 
  • ATV’s 
  • Boats  

Most likely all of the toys out there are going to fit into one of these categories. However with the huge amounts of toy vehicles you can choose from on today’s market, it is a great idea to come in to speak with your agent at State Insurance Solutions to find out what the insurance requirements are before you purchase.  

Lately on the scene you may have noticed these huge three wheel vehicles cruising around the local streets. If anything fits the category of toy it would be these buggers. The Polaris Slingshot for example is classified as a motorcycle though it does not ride at all like one. In the state of Texas these slingshots have been legal on the streets since 2015. They are categorized as motorcycles so riders would have to carry motorcycle insurance. 

The Triton Trike is another toy dandy with three wheels but is more easily fits the motorcycle category because it has a saddle seat. 

When it comes to the Polaris Slingshot and other toys it is important to know exactly what you are getting into. If you are in the Arlington, TX area or nearby please feel free to visit our office or call us. We want to assist you in enjoying your toys to the fullest with no worries.  

Four things RV insurance will or may cover

RV insurance is an important purchase that both covers your liabilities and also protect you financially. However, there are a lot of different options from among which you can choose when you purchase RV insurance. The following are four thing RV insurance will or may cover depending on which policy you purchase:

Property damage resulting from an accident

Basic liability insurance that’s required by law must cover property damage that is caused by any accident you’re in while driving your RV. Property damage could involve damage to another driver’s car or to the roadway itself.

Medical expenses resulting from an accident

Basic liability insurance that you’ll have to purchase to take your RV out on the road in Arlington, TX or elsewhere should also cover any medical expenses resulting from an accident in which your RV is involved. Depending on the state you live in, your insurance might not have to cover you if it is determined that another driver was at fault for the accident. 

Damage to the policy holder’s RV

You’ll have to add more coverage on if you want to be covered for damage to your own RV caused by an accident. A basic liability policy won’t cover collision damage to your own RV. If you have purchased an RV with financing, you’ll probably be required to purchase both liability and collision coverage.


Insurance providers like State Insurance Solutions offer a wide variety of extras that go along with RV insurance policies. Possible extra coverage options include coverage for possessions that are in your RV and coverage for situations where you require emergency towing. You could also add rental coverage on in case you need a rental vehicle when your RV breaks down.