Can I Insure an Inoperable Boat?

If you own a boat, you want to carry boat insurance. Boat insurance helps to cover the boat against accidents while you are boating. But if the watercraft is inoperable, you may wonder if you can and should insure it. This is a question that we at State Insurance Solutions, serving the greater Arlington, TX area, is often asked. Here is some information you need to know about insuring inoperable boats.

What Insurance Covers

Boat insurance helps to protect you against accidents on the waterways. But it also covers your boat if the boat is stolen or vandalized or if someone hits the boat while it is being transported. When your boat is inoperable, you may be towing it to be repaired or someone may vandalize it where it is being stored. As such, you still want insurance coverage on the boat even if you cannot use it on the waterways. This helps to protect the investment you have made in the boat. Additionally, you are required to insure the boat if you still have a loan out on the boat, regardless of whether it is inoperable or not.

Claiming the Boat is Inoperable

If your boat is inoperable or you only plan on storing the boat and not using it, you will want to convey this information to your insurance company. The company may be able to reduce the cost of your boat insurance. However, the policy may be written so that it excludes any coverage on the waterways. As such, this is not something that you want to misrepresent to your carrier.

If you are looking to insure either an operable or inoperable boat in the greater Arlington, TX area, let State Insurance Solutions. We can help with all of your insurance needs, including boat, auto, home and life. Give us a call today to discuss all your insurance needs.

Cover Yourself with Umbrella Insurance

Protect you and your family with umbrella insurance. It’s extra coverage you may need in the event that your current policy is not enough. In Arlington, TX, State Insurance Solutions have trained agents that can give you information about umbrella insurance and how much you may need.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

With any other insurance coverage, you are covered for a specific amount and for certain occurrences expressed in your policy. Umbrella insurance protects you beyond that coverage. It is designed to protect you and your assets above your insurance limits.

Coverage Under the Umbrella

  • Bodily Injury Liability – covers you if you cause injury to another person. This can include medical bills and lawyer’s fees. You could also be responsible for paying pain and suffering. With umbrella insurance, you could be covered if you severely injure someone in an auto accident, but your auto insurance only pays for a portion of the bills.
  • Property Damage Liability – is paid out if you damage another person’s property. For example, your child is a reckless youth who damages another person’s car or house, some insurance policies will only have a specific limit.
  • Landlord Liability – covers the cost if a person is injured on your property. If you are sued because someone was injured as a result of your negligence, umbrella insurance could help.
  • Commercial Umbrella – adds to a business’ current liability coverage. If your company must pay medical bills and legal fees as a result of a lawsuit, but the amount exceeds your liability coverage, your business could be in jeopardy without an umbrella policy.

What is Usually Not Covered?

Talk with your independent agent to find out what is going to be covered under your umbrella policy. Some things that are typically not covered include:

  • Contracts
  • Business losses
  • Criminal actions
  • Personal property

Stop by the State Insurance Solutions office in Arlington, TX to find out more about umbrella insurance.