Advantages of having a life insurance cover from Arlington, TX State Insurance Solutions

State Insurance Solutions offers a unique Life Insurance Policy to give you advantages that are hardly available with policies offered by other insurance companies. The advantages include:

We offer a level premium policy.

This means that the premium paid remains the same for the duration of the policy term. We do not offer the ‘annually renewable’ policy because its premiums tend to increase as the person ages. Our policy ensures that you will continually afford the policy even years down the road.

Your life insurance can have more than one beneficiary.

State Insurance Solutions offers the possibility of listing both primary and contingent beneficiaries. For example, if you list your spouse as the primary beneficiary and a sibling as the contingent beneficiary, the sibling will only access the benefit if your spouse dies before the benefits are paid.

It is easy to pay, and our policy gives you best value for your money.

Our life insurance policy provides great value to our customers because we provide the coverage you need, when you need it and at a great price. We do not charge unnecessary costs. You just have to pick a term length and the coverage amount you need. Once you begin paying your monthly premiums, you are covered for the specified term length.

We offer an Accelerated Death Benefit.

This feature allows the insured to access a portion of their life insurance policy money in case he or she is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is expected to die within 12-24 months. This will help you get your affairs in order such as paying your medical bills and any other expenses.

State Insurance Solutions located in Arlington, TX is here to guide you in case you have any questions on life insurance. Feel free to contact us on our website or give us a call.


3 Reasons to Get Business Insurance for Your Home Business

If you run a home business, you may need extra insurance coverage to protect your business interests. Your homeowner’s insurance may cover some aspects of your business while leaving you unprotected for others. By exploring business insurance options with your State Insurance Solutions agent, you can ensure your home business in Arlington, TX gets the protection it needs. Here are a few reasons to consider business insurance for your home business.

Protection of Business Equipment and Inventory

Homeowner’s insurance generally doesn’t cover repair or replacement costs of expensive office equipment or tools used in a home business. Without proper insurance coverage, you may have to replace this equipment yourself in the event of fire, flood or other catastrophes. In like manner, an unforeseen peril can result in loss of commercial goods stored on your property. A business owner’s policy will protect all aspects of your business to include damage or loss of business equipment and inventory that’s essential to your home enterprise. 

Protection against Liability

If your business requires that business contacts or customers come to your home, you could be liable for work-related accidents that may occur while they are on your premises. An unforeseen lawsuit or liability claim can easily put you out of business. Business liability coverage will protect you against injuries sustained by third parties visiting your home for business purposes.  

Protection for Business Data

A business owner’s policy will protect your assets in the event of a digital security breach or technology failure that can cause loss of income or result in a lawsuit.

When it comes to protecting a home business, it’s better to be safe than sorry. For greater insight into personalized business insurance options for your home-based business, contact a State Insurance Solutions agent in Arlington, TX today.