Reasons Why Protecting Your Home With Us is a Smart Decision

Your home means a lot to you and your family. It’s the place you eat and rest. It’s also the place where you share laughs. However, a lawsuit or disaster may interfere with the plans you have for your home in the future. Because you have to plan for the future, you need to choose a homeowner’s insurance company you can depend on and who will be with you in the long run, and we can be that company. 

1. We Offer Extensive Coverage

Not all coverage is created equal. You need to have a policy that covers everything that could happen to your home. We offer a variety of insurance options and extras to ensure you get the coverage you need and want.

2. We Offer a Variety of Types

We don’t just cover homes; we also cover condos. We have special insurance policies for vacation and secondary homes. If you rent out a home, we have insurance policies that will cover damage that occurred from the tenants. We cover your residence even if you don’t own it with our renter’s insurance policies.

3. Friendly Staff 

Far too often, the staff who you have to deal with at a company doesn’t help you. You might feel confused about your policy with no one to turn to. However, when you contact any one of our staff members, you’ll get a personalized experience. All of your questions will be addressed by a knowledgeable representative. 

4. Affordable Options

The policies we offer are affordable. The reality is you need insurance, and if you can’t obtain it, you may have legal or financial problems as a result. Our policies range in price, so you can find one that meets your needs and prevents the unwanted consequences of no insurance. 

To open a policy or get a quote, contact us today at State Insurance Solutions, serving Arlington, TX, at 817-459-2590.

The Benefits of Using an Auto Insurance Broker

Deciding who to buy your auto insurance from is a big decision. However, before you can even pick a company to work with, you need to decide whether you are going to work with an auto insurance broker or an auto insurance agent.

An auto insurance agent works with a specific auto insurance company. They present you the plans that are offered by their employer. An auto broker works for you. They can pull plans from a wide variety of companies, not just one, presenting you plans from various auto insurance companies.

There are many benefits to using an auto insurance broker over an auto insurance agent. Most agents are loyal to the person who signs their paycheck. They make their money selling you a policy through their employer, regardless of whether it is the best one for you or not. A broker makes their money by selling you plans as well. However, they make their money from you buying any plan. As such, they are loyal to you, not an insurance company. What this means for you is that most auto insurance brokers can help you find the best possible policy for you, regardless of what insurance company the plan is with. This ultimately means that the policy may be better for you than a policy that an auto insurance agent comes up with for you.

There are many benefits to using an auto insurance broker. If you are ready to try one out, State Insurance Solutions, serving the greater Arlington, TX area, would love to help you. Give us a call today for a free quote or to get answers to any lingering questions you may have about auto insurance brokers.