3 Hidden Effects of Drinking and Driving

At State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX, they know firsthand how tragic a drunk driving accident can be. Not only does it result in your license being revoked and having to have SR22 insurance, but it also can end in the death of a loved one for you or someone else. It is estimated that around 28 people die every day in the United States alone because of drunk driving accidents. Many people don’t realize that there are hidden effects that you can’t see that your drinking is causing. Some of these are just as detrimental to your health as getting behind the wheel. 

Hormones and Sexual Functions

Many people don’t realize that drinking alters several of your hormone functions, including testosterone. While it might not seem like that big of a deal on a drunk Saturday night, it can have long-term effects. These include impotence for some men. 

Risk of Serious Injury

There is more to fear than getting in an accident while drinking when it comes to injuries. Studies show that every drink you take increases your chances of getting injured, even in the comfort of your home. 

Your Insurance Will Skyrocket

At State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX, they know that drinking and driving lead to bills you can’t afford. First-time offenders don’t seem to realize the fines, license suspension, and insurance rates can put them in the poor house — not to mention the possible jail time. 

These are just a few of the hidden effects that drinking and drinking and driving can have on you and your bank account. Think twice before you drink and drive. Next time just might be your last. Contact us today to meet all your insurance needs. Agents are standing by to assist you. 

A Guide to Home Insurance in Arlington

Arlington, TX has some great homes, and protecting them is just one of the ways that people show they care about what happens to their property. Instead of seeing your premium as just another bill, it’s time to start appreciating how it makes sure your investment doesn’t slip through your fingers. If you don’t know very much about home insurance, though, it’s likely time to give it a little more thought. 

Considerations and Plans: Whatever you do with your home insurance, it’s important to understand it first. This means taking yourself through different events that may occur on your property. If you choose not to buy insurance in case of flooding, for example, you should have a financial plan of what you’re going to do to fix the damage and replace what’s been lost. This is the best advice you’ll get because it forces you to map out what your finances will look like when things are at their worst. Most people can’t handle these types of bills, and therefore need comprehensive coverage in order to keep their property. 

Threats and Time: State Insurance Solutions wants the people of Arlington, TX to keep their heads up no matter what happens to them. Whether it’s vandals or just a very excitable pet, there’s a lot that can happen that causes homeowners to bear financial hardships that they wouldn’t have had to had they had the right home insurance. When you call State Insurance Solutions, you can speak with people who understand the entirety of home insurance. The more personal advice you get, the likelier it is you’ll have someone to call when something does go wrong. For more information about our rates or our services, please give us a call to chat with our staff!