Drive Further on a Tank of Gas with These Tips

A tank of gas can last a long time if you take some steps to increasing your fuel efficiency. On the other hand, you can easily burn through a tank of gas in no time at all with some careless driving techniques. Follow these tips so you can save money by filling up less often and get more out of each tank of gas.

  • Consider purchasing a newer, more efficient vehicle. The fact is, most older vehicles have terrible fuel efficiency. The majority of vehicles that have been released have great gas mileage and they continue to improve these things with each passing year. If your vehicle is more than 10 years old, and that is pushing it, then it is time to get a newer vehicle.
  • Remove anything from your vehicle that doesn’t need to be there. The more items you have in the vehicle, the more it gets weighed down. Clean out your car and over time, you will notice that there is a significant improvement in your gas mileage. Your vehicle has to work harder with more in the car which can lead to 17 percent more fuel being used on the highway.
  • Make sure to get regular maintenance on your car. Many people are unaware but even getting the regular maintenance on your vehicle can make a big difference. Be sure to get the oil and filters changed regularly to continue getting good gas mileage and even improve it. You are paying for the maintenance now but you are really saving money over the long term.

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