Make sure your medical bills are covered after an accident with this insurance

If you own a car in Arlington, TX, then you know how important it is to have good insurance coverage.  At State Insurance Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering a lot of options in auto insurance to our customers.  One of the most common options that our customers choose is to have insurance coverage for the medical bills that are incurred during an accident.  It’s important to understand exactly what is covered by these riders, however.

If you have a basic insurance policy, coverage is only provided for the victims of an accident that you cause.  This meets the requirements of Texas law, but it does not provide any coverage for you in the event of an accident.  Therefore, it’s highly recommended that people choosing this type of coverage have separate medical insurance with great emergency coverage.

Collision and comprehensive insurance will usually provide coverage for the medical bills of yourself, your passengers, and any other victims of an accident.  This coverage cap for some policies can quickly be reached in a major accident, however.  Once the coverage cap is reached, victims are legally allowed to pursue reimbursement from the at-fault driver in an accident.  This means that they can sue you to pay the remaining medical bills. Because of this, many agents recommend that their clients increase these coverage caps if their budget allows for it.

If you already have medical insurance, it’s important to note that your auto insurance can be used to fill in the gaps in this coverage.  

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Different Forms of Auto Insurance to Consider

There are some kinds of auto insurance that is highly recommended. These protect you not only while driving around Arlington, TX but anywhere else you might need to go. While there are other add-ons features you can consider, these are methods of coverage you really should consider. 

Liability Insurance

This covers you in the event of an accident and the accident is your fault (you are liable for it). The insurance coverage pays not only for you but for the vehicles you damaged. It also goes to help pay for medical bills associated with the accident. 


There are times where your vehicle is damaged and it has nothing to do with you striking another vehicle. There are plenty of examples for this. Perhaps you hit a deer while driving. Comprehensive covers this. If the vehicle is stolen or broken into, comprehensive covers this. If your apartment or condo residence has a faulty sprinkler head and it coats your vehicle in hard, calcium water that damaged the paint, comprehensive will cover this. Many accidents and auto damage occurs when it is only your vehicle. This is something to consider, especially if you live or work in an area of town that has a higher auto theft and break in risk. 


It is illegal to drive in the state of Texas without having insurance. That doesn’t stop people from driving through. If you are in an accident with someone who is uninsured or underinsured and it is their fault, you don’t want to be left with a damaged vehicle because of it. This form of auto insurance will cover the additional costs associated with repairing your vehicle when the person at fault is unable to do so. This makes it a recommended form of auto insurance in Arlington, TX. 

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Do You Need Extra Home Insurance Coverage?

A house is a major responsibility, and there’s a lot to consider in Arlington, TX when you’re trying to decide the best type of home insurance. As tempting as it is to buy just enough to keep you reasonably safe, some people need extra coverage to keep themselves from major financial harm. Answer these questions from State Insurance Solutions to find out if you fall into this category. 

What’s In Your House?

Many people think that they don’t really own anything all that expensive, and thus should just opt for the standard coverage. But you may have more in your house than you think. Art, electronics, and jewelry can all run up big price tags, so if you’re only getting the minimum amount for your belongings, you may want to do another assessment. 

Fences, Gates and Plants 

The land can be pretty valuable around your house, and if you’ve just planted expensive trees and shrubs, added a small apartment over your garage or taken the time to redo your fence, then you may want to reconsider your current coverage. 

Liability and Beyond 

No one expects to get involved in a lawsuit, but when your mailman slips in your walkway after a rainstorm, can you really be certain of how they’ll handle their injuries? Or what if someone goes to a party at your house, leaves after they’ve had a few drinks (despite your protests) and then causes a car accident? You may technically be on the hook for this. 

State Insurance Solutions serves Arlington, TX and is here to make sure you get a policy you can actually depend on when things go wrong. Give us a call to find out more about how extra coverage can save you from major bills or legal headaches.