Your Liability When You Lend Your Car to Others

It seems so innocent. A friend asks to borrow your car to go to the store to buy a few things. Yet, there is an accident on the way and it is a serious one. What happens?

Texas is an "at-fault," state.  This means that in the case of an accident, the person(s) who is responsible for causing the accident can be sued. It also means the owner of any vehicle can be sued, regardless of any personal involvement in the accident. The owner of the vehicle may have nothing to do with the accident at all yet, the owner is liable if the vehicle is involved in an accident.

If someone asks to borrow your car, do not agree to this easily. When you lend your car to others you are responsible for what they do while driving it. 

If the vehicle is involved in an accident you can be sued for damages or have a criminal prison sentence. This  is not common, however, it does occur.

Some states limit place limits on how much an absentee owner is responsible for if the vehicle they own is involved in an accident.

In a “fault state,” the party that is found to be at fault for an auto accident will be responsible for compensating the injured party for the amount he or she is responsible for. and this is made to protect the rest of the public.

How much the absentee owner can be held liable for and the amount of the claim against  their insurance is something of concern. The insurance might  cover it, but it’s still not fun to be sued for an accident caused by someone else, under circumstances not under the owner’s direct control.

Check with your agent at State Insurance Solutions in Arlington, TX to make sure you have enough auto insurance coverage and strong protection for such an unfortunate event.

Top Benefits of RV Insurance

For those who own recreational vehicles, RV insurance is vital. Indeed, although many vehicle owners remain unaware of the importance of this type of insurance. Are you an RV owner who is looking for more information in regards to the benefits of acquiring RV insurance? Not to worry. The following is a closer look at the top benefits of purchasing RV insurance policies. 

Sufficient Coverage

One of the top reasons to purchase RV insurance is to make sure you have suitable coverage for your vehicle(s). While many are under the impression that a typical auto insurance policy is sufficient enough to cover their RV, this is not usually the case. Although auto insurance does provide some coverage, given the price difference between most vehicles as opposed to most RV’s you could easily be on the hook for thousands in damages if you rely on an auto insurance policy alone. 

Customized Coverage of RV’s of All Kinds

No one is more aware of your insurance needs you are. Offering the ability to customize your package to your liking, no matter what type of RV you may have, you can find quality, affordable coverage. No matter if you wish to have some sort of limited liability coverage or if you need to insure your vehicle from bumper to bumper, RV insurance allows each driver to acquire the type of coverage they need most. Moreover, if you use your RV as a home or if you use it for the occasional vacation, you can purchase a package that makes sure you are comfortably covered.

For those who are seeking high quality RV insurance in the state of Texas, State Insurance Solutions has everything you need. Contact them today for a quote perfect for insurance needs!