What Your Home Needs in the Fall

Homes need to be winterized in the fall and no one knows that more than State Insurance Solutions here in Arlington, TX.  There are things that can be done on the interior of your home as well as on the exterior.  There are also things that can be done in the yard and garden.  Let’s take a quick peek at a few of the interior things.

If you have a basement, check the windows for loose frames, drafts and/or cracked panes.

Vacuum all of the interior pieces of your air conditioner(s).  If you have window units, remove them from the windows.  If you can’t remove them, cover them with an approved air conditioner cover or tarp so that the vital components do not rust,

If you use humidifiers, clean them regularly.  Spores and bacteria can develop in the water tank which can lead to filthy moisture getting into the room where you are using it.

Yard and Garden

Make sure that you clean and organize the garage.  Store your summer yard and garden tools appropriately.

Clear any leaves from your yard and if you notice any patchy areas, reseed them.  If you are into flowers, go ahead and plant some bulbs for spring flowers.  If yo have problem deer in the area, begin deer proofing your space by covering your plants with chicken wire and netting.

Get your lawn equipment ready to be stored.  Don’t forget to drain the fuel from all of your chain saws, leaf blowers and lawn mowers.

If you have any snow equipment, it is always a good idea to make sure that it is in good working order before the first snow storm.  Also make sure that you have all of your roof rakes, snow shovels and the like ready for when you need them.


Are you expanding your business?

When you start a business, it may be so small that you don’t need commercial insurance to protect yourself and your company. As long as you’re following state and federal regulations, there’s no problem with that. However, if you’re expanding your business, it’s likely that there are additional regulations you need to adhere to, which may include commercial insurance. 

Commercial insurance is also beneficial to financially protect you and your business. For example, if you make products, commercial insurance can help protect your business from theft. If an unhappy customer sues you, commercial insurance can help protect you from losing personal assets in the lawsuit. As your business expands, those financial needs change, as well.

However, commercial insurance is a specialized area of insurance that operates differently than health and life insurance. There are a wide range of factors that are considered when writing a policy, and unless you are trained in insurance, it can be very difficult to know the best insurance based on your business’s individual needs. When these considerations are added on top of changing insurance laws and regulations, the best option is for you to speak with a commercial insurance agent to discuss your needs.

Contacting a local insurance agent will take some of the pressure of commercial insurance off your shoulders. You can be reassured that your business will be getting the right commercial insurance for your company so you can focus on other aspects of the business expansion, like marketing new product lines and services or decorating your new, bigger location.

For more information about commercial insurance to help you expand your business, contact State Insurance Solutions today.