Boating Safety Tips

Many boaters will be out on the open seas this summer. State Insurance Solutions has a few simple safety tips to help you enjoy your time with your friends and family.

Take a Few Lessons

It’s a good idea to take a boating class if it is your first time on a boat. Even if you are a passenger, you should know some details about the vessel. Taking a lesson will give you the tools you need in case there is an emergency.

Check the Weather

Check the weather frequently and know what the weather conditions are before you go out on your vessel. Even if the first part of the day is sunny, you don’t want to get caught in severe weather later in the afternoon.  

Have an emergency Plan

Get with your passengers and develop a plan. If there is an emergency, each person should have a specific job to do. Practice different emergency procedures, for example, if the engine fails or you need to jump ship.

Inspect the boat before departure

Before you take your vessel out on the water, you should check for any damages, especially if it has been sitting all winter. The electrical system, the engine, communication system, and the hull should be investigated to make sure there are no loose wires or cracks.

Life jackets are Absolutely Necessary

Another thing that should be checked before leaving on a boating trip is your life jacket. Every person that is traveling with you should be wearing a life jacket. Even if you are a comfortable swimmer, you may be unable to swim if you are hurt. A life jacket could save your life.

Serving the Arlington, Texas area, State Insurance Solutions have agents available to help you with securing new boat insurance policies or going over your current coverage.

How To Find The Right Motorcycle Insurance Policy

Once you buy a motorcycle in Texas, you want to make sure you get the right insurance policy. This is done easily enough – as long as you know what to do. Finding a policy will go faster if you have the information at your fingertips.

Have All Documents Out

When you start to search for insurance, you need to know the VIN of the bike. It’s also a good idea to know the mileage, any safety features that are on it, as well as the year, make, and model. This can make the process go a whole lot easier and ensure that the company gets everything they need to provide you with an accurate quote.

Know Your Driving Habits

Know all about your driving habits, including about how many miles you ride your bike on an annual basis. You may be asked if you ride for pleasure or if it’s used as part of your daily commute. The driving habits can also help you determine how much you want in terms of liability. If you have been involved in an accident before, you may want more money just to reduce the amount of money you could pay out of pocket.

Contact Multiple Companies

Not all companies that offer policies in Texas charge the same. This means you will want to obtain quotes from at least three or four companies so that you can make an accurate comparison.

Work with an Agent

Agents know about the different insurance companies and the various discounts that exist. They can guide you through the process to ensure you have your questions answered and you get the best possible deal.

Contact us at State Insurance Solutions now to learn more about a motorcycle insurance policy in Arlington, Texas. Our agents are here to simplify the process and save you money.