How to get the best life insurance for your needs

Getting life insurance is important, especially if you have a family that you take care of financially. Fortunately, there are many different life insurance policies available in a lot of different price points, so you can get what works for you. However, a policy that seems good may not really be the best one for your needs, so you will want to work with a knowledgeable agent to make sure you are getting exactly what will work for you. It’s about the amount of insurance, but there are other factors to consider, too.

Your life insurance needs may change as you age, your children grow up, and your income changes. In some cases you could need more insurance, or you might need less because your kids have become independent adults and your family has fewer debts and expenses surrounding your Arlington, TX home. With the right policy you will be able to make adjustments, so you are never paying too much or stuck without the proper level of coverage. It can be a serious financial concern if you don’t have enough life insurance, but having too much coverage can mean you are overpaying for something you don’t really need.

By talking to an agent with State Insurance Solutions, you have the opportunity to ensure that your Arlington, TX life insurance policy is the best one for your needs and current situation. Periodic reviews can help you keep your policy on track and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the right life insurance policy no matter where you are in life.

Live Efficiently/Paper-Products

In the Unites States, 70 percent of this the solid waste in landfills is paper products. There are few choices of what we can do with this waste once it is thrown out. Most of these options, like burning them, produces byproducts that are harmful to our health. Take a look at a list of a few ways you can recycle paper products.


  • Make an indoor obstacle course for kids to keep them happy on rainy days
  • Tape several file mailing boxes to create a DIY file organizer
  • Create inexpensive cardboard furniture (cardboard is one of the strongest and most durable materials of DIY building material.
  • Make a pet house.
  • Glue clothes of varying textures, a mirror, and a plastic bottle maze on a piece of cardboard to make a sensory station for toddlers.
  • Use toilet paper rolls to organize cords when not in use.

Writing Paper

  • Use as packaging material instead of harmful foam peanuts.
  • Cut into squares for kids to doodle. 
  • Make DIY file folder tabs
  • Cut into squares and keep on hand for quick notes, shopping lists, or to jot down phone messages.
  • Make sticker charts for good behavior

Tissue Paper

  • Save to re-gift 
  • Make party decorations or home decor keeping fire safety in mind.
  • Use as wrapping paper
  • Cutout dots to color code files
  • Make abstract art displays

Paper Plate 

  • Use washable plates instead
  • Recycle the still-usable ones to make crafts for kids to display or play with

Live a happy, efficient life while having peace-of-mind knowing your home is insured. Stop by State Insurance Solutions to purchase a new policy or renew the one you have. Trust them to have updated information about Texas state (insurance laws and coverage vary by state) and will work with your specific needs.