Prepare for Summer Boating

Near Arlington, TX, boaters everywhere are preparing for the nice weather and taking their vessel on the water. When individuals get their boats ready, it’s imperative they prepare for boating season. Through preparation, boaters may prevent an accident and enjoy boating without worry. 

1. Get Insurance  
The first and most important aspect of boat insurance is to get a policy through a company like State Insurance Solutions. When boaters don’t have insurance, all the liability falls on their shoulders when an accident occurs. Plus, the price of fixing a boat gets costly. Saying an accident won’t happen is wishful thinking, but it’s not guaranteed. 

2. Perform Routine Maintenance
It’s important for a person to perform routine maintenance on different parts of the boat. Inspect the hull, stanchion, lifelines, deck joints and bilges points, just to name a few points to focus on. Boaters must check these areas for integrity and make the necessary repairs.  

3. Clean the Boat 
Cleaning the boat doesn’t just improve its aesthetic appearance; it prevents clogs and other hazards that have the ability to wreak havoc on different parts of the boat. Not to mention, it helps increase the longevity of the boat and its components.  

4. Lubricate

Certain components on the boat require lubrication. For instance, the anchor windlass, seacocks, battery terminals and movable engine parts require a lube. Make sure to grease winches, 

5. Check All Emergency Equipment

Boaters aren’t able to prevent an emergency, but they do have the ability to prepare for it. Check all distress signals for a date. Inspect life rings and cushions. Evaluate the radar, first aid kit and bailer. 

To learn more about boaters insurance and proper boat care in Arlington, TX, visit State Insurance Solutions. 

Tips to Preventing Fender Bender Scams

While you’d like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, there are some people out there who are just dishonest and looking for a quick buck (or to get away with something that is their fault). It’s the sad nature of affairs, and as you don’t know who is who, you need to look out for yourself and do whatever you can do avoid fender bender scams. At State Insurance Solutions, we want to make sure you are properly taken care of, which is why we have these tips you need to use, should you find yourself in a fender bender around Arlington, TX or anywhere else in the country. 

Document Everything

Never just wash your hands of the situation, even if it doesn’t look like that big of a deal. Take pictures, document both vehicles, snap a few shots of their license plate and always exchange information. If they refuse to, something is likely up (such as the other driver not having insurance). This is the first and most important step in avoiding fender bender scams. This also comes in handy if there is no real damage, yet people in the car seem to have suffered major trauma and injuries in the vehicle…they are likely looking for a quick payout. Your documentation can prove all the difference between being scammed and proving it false.

Contact the Police

Always contact the police and fill out a report. If the other driver doesn’t want the police involved there is usually something up (again, no insurance or they were looking to fraudulently strike your vehicle and don’t want police officers around). Plus, should the other driver attempt to take you to court over fake injuries, you’ll have a witness on hand who can attest the injuries were not present and the damage not serious.