The Best Ways to Give Back

When living in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding metro area, there is no limit to the ways individuals can give back to their community. There is more than just cutting a check or dropping pennies into red kettles. Sure, it is always possible to donate money, but there are other ways to give back. Time truly is the most valuable commodity, so for those with even a few hours a week at most, these are some of the best ways State Insurance Solutions recommends giving back. 

School Programs

So signing up to become a teacher isn’t as simple as writing a name on a sign-up sheet outside of a classroom, but there are other opportunities for individuals to give back to the local children. After-school programs are often under staffed, which can make it difficult for children to receive the necessary attention they need. Everything from tutors to recreational students are available here. 

Big Brother Big Sister/ Boys and Girls Club

Another way to help children in the metro Dallas community is to donate time either at the Boys and Girls Club or to sign up for the Big Brother Big Sister program. There are plenty of children who just don’t have the kind of parental guidance they need. Often this is due to children having a single parent. Offering to spend time with a child can really help set them on to bigger and better things. 

Do What You Love

The best way to give back is to do what truly is important to someone. If an individual loves the arts, they can donate their time at a community center or nursing home, teaching art. If someone loves gardening, they can help beautify their community by planting flowers in local parks. There is always something for everyone’s passion. 

Safety Tips for House Sitters

If asked by a friend to house sit, you may jump on the chance. However, there are potential dangers to house sitting, including the chance of having an intruder come into the home while you are there. At State Insurance Solutions, we want you to protect yourself while you are house sitting for your neighbor or a friend.

Get all emergency contact information from the homeowner. If something happens while you are there, it’s important that you know how to contact the owner and everyone else who may be on their emergency contact list.

Learn the best strategies for facing a weather-related disaster. Each type of weather-related disaster requires a specific response from you to ensure that you are safe. Depending on the season, you should take the time to educate yourself on how to protect your person, regardless of what may come.

Keep the alarm system armed. Intruders are great at getting inside homes, especially those without the alarm system engaged. Even if you are home, engage the alarm system so that you are notified if the home be compromised.

Know where emergency supplies are in the home. Flashlights, first aid kits, and escape ladders may be necessary for certain situations. You should know where these items are and be able to easily retrieve them if you are facing an emergency.

At State Insurance Solutions, your safety is most important to us. Whether you are driving your car on the road or you have a home you need to ensure, you can check out all the insurance services by visiting our website. If you have any questions or you want to discuss an insurance plan, give us a call and we will gladly assist you.