Summers And Your Pet: Provide The Protection

The summer months are when you are going to get to spend more time with your pet. You may be off during the summer, or at least your kids are. This means that your pet is likely going to be more active because your family is more active. And that means you need to provide protection everywhere you go.

If you go boating, be sure that your pet has a life vest as well. Dogs are very good swimmers, but you still want to make sure that they are protected because falling into the water may startle them to the point that they don’t know what to do. Be sure that the vest fits them well.

Cover the paws of your pets when you go outside. Their pads are very sensitive, and the surface of the concrete can be extremely hot. There are various products that can be used for protection, including booties.

Provide some kind of bug control for your dog or cat. There are flea and tick collars, heartworm medication to protect against mosquito bites, and much more. Preventative medication can be obtained from your veterinarian. If you have pet insurance, it can reduce the costs of these medications considerably.

You also want to provide protection in form of hydration. Your pets can get very dehydrated because of the hotter temperatures. Keep a bowl of water filled at all times so that they can access it. Even if they are outside or you take them on a trip, be sure that they have water readily available to them.

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Staying Safe in Arlington: Teen Driving Safety Tips

If you’ve ever been to Arlington, TX, you know firsthand just how many attractions there are to visit. Many of these attractions are targeted toward teens and young adults. Whether you live in Arlington or you’re just visiting, it’s imperative that all teen drivers follow safe driving tips. Here’s a quick look at a few tips teen drivers can follow to make sure they have a safe and fun time in this huge city. 

Be extra cautious of road signs

There are many alleys and one-way streets in Arlington, making it exceptionally important that teens pay extra attention to road signs. 

Allow extra time to get to events and attractions

When teens are going to an event or attraction in Arlington, it’s important that they allow extra time to arrive at the event on time. There are many construction sites and road repairs that take place on a regular basis, so taking a detour might be needed. With extra time, though, it’s simple to get venues on time before the shows begin. 

Keep the music turned down

Arlington is a huge city, meaning teen drivers must keep their focus on the road at all times, especially in high-traffic areas. Because of this, it’s usually best to keep the radio turned down so that there are no distractions. 

Stay off the phone

Whether it be making a phone call or sending a text, putting the phone down is the best idea until the car has stopped and been shut off. Never should teen drivers text and drive. If they do, they greatly increase their chances of being hurt in an accident. 

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