Save Time By Cleaning The Easy Way

There’s a lot of work involved with owning a home. Two specific tasks that you must see to if you own a house in Arlington, TX are cleaning and obtaining homeowners insurance. At Stateline Insurance Solutions, we make the latter easy and fast. We also have some tips for making cleaning — specifically dusting — quick and easy.

Easy and Quick Cleaning Tips

Dusting, one of the most time-consuming of all cleaning chores, is a never-ending battle against dirt. Fine layers of dust settle everywhere in a home, from the floor to the corners of the ceiling. Here are some tips for quickly dusting some of the more challenging areas where dirt collects:

  • dust hard-to-reach corners and crevices with a can of condensed air
  • use a lint roller to dust fabric lampshades
  • dust your hardwood and tile floors while cooking by wearing your socks turned inside-out

These suggestions won’t take care of all your housecleaning, but hopefully they’ll save you a few minutes by making dusting easier.

Easy and Quick Homeowners Insurance

In the time that you save dusting, we can help you find a new homeowners insurance policy. Insurers in Texas are always adjusting their rates, so you never know when you might be able to save money by shopping around for a different homeowners policy. Comparing all the different policies on your own could take a while — possibly as long as cleaning your house. Our independent homeowners insurance agents, however, can make the entire process easy and quick. Since they’re independent agents, they can compare all of the available policies in just a few minutes.

With our help, finding a more affordable homeowners insurance policy might not take any longer than dusting your home. To get started, visit our website for more information on homeowners insurance in Texas or give our office a call.



Make Sure Your Boaters Insurance Will Cover Children Boating Near Arlington, TX

All insurance policies come with stipulations that determine which types of claims are valid. A common condition in boat insurance policies is that for the insurance to cover an accident on the water, the person driving the boat must be legally able to do so. If you have children who take a boat out on their own, make sure they’re legally allowed to operate a boat on their own before you let them go out on the water by themselves. If you don’t and they’re involved in an accident, your insurance policy might not provide coverage.

Operating a Boat in Texas

Texas has several laws that govern who can operate a boat in the state. According to, the following people can captain a sailboat over 14 feet, a powerboat that has more than 15 horsepower or a personal watercraft:

  • anyone born after or on September 1, 1993 who has passed an approved boater education course
  • anyone over 18 who can legally use the boat
  • anyone who is at least 13 and has completed an approved boater education class

Children under 13 aren’t able to operate these boats by themselves.

Unless your children meet one of the above three criteria, your shouldn’t let them use your boat by themselves. If you do, then you’re assuming responsibility for any accidents that occur. For, illegally operating a boat will probably void your insurance policy.

Insuring Boats That Children Use

If your children can legally take your boat out on the lakes and rivers near Arlington, TX, make sure you fully insure your vessel. Everyone should insure their boats, but it’s extra important to insure watercraft that kids use regularly.

For help finding an insurance policy that will cover your children’s use of your boat and provide robust coverage, contact us at Insurance Solutions. We’re an independent agency, so we can compare every policy available to find the one that will give you the best protection when your children are on the water. Call us today, and one of our independent insurance agents will help you.