Motorcycle Insurance and Your Class C Learners Permit

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Before you get your learners permit, you need to qualify. First, you must have already reached the age of 15. Next, you need to graduate from a Texas driver’s education course. Once you pass the classroom course, you’re eligible to apply for a learners permit. If you’re about to study for your TX learners permit, remember that you need to have proof of motorcycle insurance when you apply for your Class C learners permit.

You won’t be able to get a Class C learners permit if you don’t already have motorcycle insurance coverage. Even though you’re anxious to learn how to drive your motorcycle, you still need to obey TX laws before you can experience what it’s like to ride your motorcycle. Once you have your learners permit, you can enroll in the Graduated Driver License, or GDL, program to make sure you learn how to ride your bike in a safe manner.

If you’re on a strict budget, visit our website where you can get free quotes. Once you look at the different kinds of coverage offered by various insurance agencies, contact our office to set up an appointment. Our experienced agent is happy to assist you in obtaining the type of motorcycle insurance coverage that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Motorcycle Safety: Driving Defensively Can Save Your Life

Riding your motorcycle in Texas provides riders with a scenic route. You can ride in the plains or take an excursion riding in altitudes of over 8,000 feet. If you are over the age of 21 and have proof that you have taken a motorcycle education class or have medical insurance to cover injuries, you can take your trip without a helmet! If you opt to ride without a helmet, it is essential that you remain safe. One of the best ways to remain safe while you are riding on the open road is by utilizing defensive driving techniques. The following are a few you can incorporate in your ride so that you are safe and your insurance doesn’t increase due to an accident.

Wear Motorcycle Gear

If you are an avid motorcycle rider then you probably have some nice threads to wear when you are riding. It is essential that you don your motorcycle gear each time you saddle up because it helps protect your body from injury. Since a spill on your motorcycle can happen alone at any speed, your motorcycle gear will help protect you from trauma to your body.

Always Give Following Cars Time to Stop

It’s not enough to watch the car in front of you or the cars on your left and right, you have to watch the car behind you as well. You have to make sure that you are braking in advance so that the car behind you will know that you are coming to a slow stop. To protect yourself further, monitor their speed in your rearview mirror to ensure that they are paying attention to your brake light.

Watch for Cars Switching Lanes

Drivers who switch lanes frequently don’t always see everything before making a decision to more to the next lane. In fact, oftentimes they are just looking over their shoulder for something moving. Cyclists must be aware of this behavior because lane-switchers can quickly change whether you are in the clear to move or not.

Driving your motorcycle along the open roads in Texas is full of excitement, but as your local insurance agency, we want to make sure you are safe. It is critical that you are always aware of your surroundings and that you take extra measures to accommodate how other drivers are driving. For safe drivers who have taken the motorcycle course, contact any of our local insurance agents to inquire about receiving a discount on your motorcycle insurance coverage to save some extra money.