What are the best ways to get rental auto insurance when I do not own a car?

When you do not own a car, the options that are available for a rental vehicle in El Paso, TX may be limited. You are required to carry some insurance coverage for any car that you are driving, so you will need rental auto insurance to protect the vehicle and ensure that you are complying with state laws. Depending on the duration of your visit, the best policy for your needs can vary.

Purchase the Policy from the Rental Company

A rental car company often offers coverage for any vehicle that you are renting. If you do not have coverage available to apply to the vehicle, then the company may require that you purchase a plan based on the number of days that you are renting the vehicle.

In most cases, the rental auto insurance from the company will be available on a per-day basis. Depending on the number of days that you are renting the car, the amount that you will pay for coverage may vary.

Purchase the Policy Before Renting

If you do not want to work with the rental car company to purchase a policy, then you can purchase a plan from an insurer of your choice. Make sure you set up the policy before you rent the car so that you can then apply it to the vehicle that the company provides.

Buying a policy for a rental vehicle beforehand can give you more flexibility to find the plan that is appropriate for your goals and concerns.

Rental cars require insurance to protect the company’s vehicle and ensure that you are complying with any state laws. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about the insurance options that are available.