Recent Rainstorms have Flooded and Damaged my Basement. Is There any Coverage Under my Homeowner’s Policy in Dallas, TX?

When a rain storm causes damage to your property in Dallas, Texas, you may or may not be coveredfor the situation. A homeowner does not always have coverage built into a current insurance policy, so it may be necessary to consider flood insurance to protect your home.

Basic Insurance

In many cases, a homeowner’s policy will not provide any protection against flooding in your basement if it is related to a rain storm, a rising river or any similar natural situation. Although every insurance policy will vary, many basic homeowners’ plans do not include flooding.

If your basement is damaged from a flood, then it may be necessary to use flood insurance to pay for the damages. Do not assume that your homeowner’s plan will have any coverage for flooding. In many cases, it will only cover floods that are associated with broken pipes or similar situations.

Flood Coverage

You many need a separate insurance policy to address any flooding that occurs in your home. If you purchase a separate policy for the potential flooding, then your home will be covered against damages from a rain storm, rising rivers or any other similar situation.

The coverage is designed to address one potential problem: damages from flooding. It will pay for any water damage and will ensure that you are not paying the full cost of repairs and replacement out-of-pocket.

Although a basic policy for your house may offer coverage for a variety of situations, it is possible that you may not have protection against storms and flooding built into your basic plan. Contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your policy options and protecting your house from flooding.