I am Planning a Trip to New York With my Boat. Is my Boat Still Covered by your Policy in Dallas, TX and do I Need a Cruising Extension?

Going on a vacation with your boat can mean that your insurance in Dallas, Texas must expand to fit the situation. If your boat is damaged while you are cruising to New York, then you will want to have appropriate coverage to repair your property. Depending on the current policy that you own, it may be best to add a cruising extension to your policy to property protect your ship.

Basic Coverage

In many cases, you will be covered for sailing your boat in a variety of locations, even if you are no longer in the waters that are considered part of the state. Although you may have some protection, the amount may not be enough if you are taking your ship to a different state.

A basic coverage plan may have exceptions and clauses that prevent you from repairing your ship if it is damaged while you are sailing it a large distance. The reason is related to the risks. If you are sailing on the ocean, then you have a greater number of risks to your ship than a short fishing trip on a placid lake.

Extending Coverage

If you plan to sail to New York, then you will want to have a cruising extension added to your coverage. The extended coverage will protect your boat while you are on vacation and allows you to make claims, even if your basic plan did not cover long-distance sailing.

Evaluating your policy and adding to the basic coverage is essential before you take your ship to a different state. Since every policy is different, the details of your plan may vary. Contact us to talk to an independent agent for more details about your policy options.