Do I need a License to Drive and Insure an RV in Garland, TX?

Driving a RV can be exciting, but you should expect to meet the legal standards in Garland, TX before you compare insurance rates and buy the vehicle. Although the exact details of an insurance policy may vary, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate driver’s license before you start driving the vehicle.

Driving the Vehicle

A RV is similar to any car or truck. Unless it is towed behind a vehicle, it has an engine and you can drive the RV. As a result, you must have an appropriate state license before you start driving.

Depending on the size of the RV, the license that is appropriate can vary. Generally, a driver’s license within the state is appropriate; however, some large RVs may require a license for large vehicles to ensure that you can handle the RV appropriately.

Insuring the Vehicle

Buying an insurance policy requires more than comparing the rates that are available. As your insurance agent, we ask for information related to the vehicle so that we can make sure that the policy is appropriate for the RV that you have purchased. Generally, you will need to provide a driver’s license number as well as basic information so that it is possible to obtain your driving history. If you are not sure if your driver’s license is appropriate, then an agent can help you determine if there are any special factors that you will need to consider.

Operating a RV can allow you to enjoy camping trips, a long drive or even a quiet lifestyle, but you should always make sure that you are following any standards that are set by the state. To learn more about protecting your RV, contact us to speak to an agent today.