Do I need to alert my auto insurance agent when I move Ft. Worth, Arlington, TX to other state?

When you first get the right kind of auto insurance policy for your car there are several things that you must give your agent in order to protect yourself. Some things that you might have to give your agent include coverage types, address, car information and many other details. So the question comes up what to do when you move to another state. Here are some things that you will want to know about insurance when moving to another state.

What You Will Need to Do With Your Auto Insurance When Moving to another State

· When you move to another state you will need to alert your insurance agent. What your agent will decide is whether or not he will be able to write your new policy. If he is not able to write the policy, then he may suggest an agent that can.

· You will need to find an address to use for your new policy as soon as possible. Your new agent will need to know where the car will be parked at on a regular basis.

· You will need to also give your VIN to your agent in order to get the quote and eventually the new car insurance policy.

· If you move in the middle of your current policy term, then you can expect to get a part of the premium refunded to you assuming your policy is paid up.

Whether you live in Ft. Worth, New Mexico, Arlington, El Paso or Dallas, Texas there is a good chance that you will need to contact your independent agent. Your agent will be able to get you the coverage that you need for your home. To put us to work for you give us a call now and we can begin the process.