Can I ride my ATV on public land without insurance?

ATVs are great to take off-roading, whether you’re exploring the private roads on your own property or you’re going to designated public areas that allow ATVs. You may be confused about whether or not you’re required to hold insurance for your ATV when you’re driving on public land. A few factors affect this, such as the type of ATV you own and your location.

Some states differentiate between types of ATVs. For example, Oregon only requires ATVs that are classified as Type II to have insurance coverage. Other types of ATVs do not hold this requirement, even if the vehicles are used in public areas. In contrast, Pennsylvania requires all types of ATVs to have at least liability insurance if you are operating the vehicle on public land. Public land includes national and state parks.

In addition to ATV insurance, you also need to be a licensed driver to take your ATV on public land. This land must be marked for ATV use, and you cannot take the vehicle on paved roads that are not specifically marked as allowing ATVs. If you’re uncertain whether a particular area allows ATV, find a park ranger or another official and ask to confirm.

For states that require ATV insurance, you are required to get liability insurance. You may want to take out a more comprehensive insurance plan if you are using the ATV for heavy offroad use, or you use it as part of doing business. Since you’re putting the vehicle into uneven terrain and precarious situations when you’re offroad, it’s important to have the ATV properly protected in the event of an accident.