What Are The Exclusions on Commercial Insurance Policy in Addison, TX ?

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For commercial interests in Addison, TX, business insurance provides a significant layer of protection from a variety of perils. However, business insurance in our state does have some exclusions you should be aware of. What are some of the exclusions of commercial insurance in Addison, TX? Let’s take a look.

  • Damage from floods. While some business insurance policies in the state include flood coverage, most do not. Flood insurance is available from the Federal National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), and your agent can assist you in gaining coverage.

  • Earth Movement. This would include earthquakes.

  • War and Terrorism. Insurance companies have long excluded acts of war from insurance coverage, and since 2001, acts of terrorism have also been included.

  • Nuclear Disaster. Aside from war, nuclear disaster from accidents may be excluded in your Addison, TX business insurance policy.

  • Insect and Vermin Damage. Check your policy closely. You may find that damage from bugs and mice is not included.

  • Wear and Tear. Of course damage from normal wear and tear will likely not be included under your commercial policy.

In addition, wind damage in coastal counties in Texas is widely excluded.

The time to discover these exclusions is before a potential claim. Contact your Addison, TX business insurance agent to verify the coverage and take the first step in knowing what you don’t know. If you would like a comprehensive business insurance review, we invite you to contact us.

Get Online Commercial Insurance Quotes in Texas

You head down to Texas due to a plethora of opportunities in the business world and start up your own business. You end up establishing a great business, but run into problems when some of your clients have major issues with your products. If you don’t have liability protection, it’s entirely possible that lawsuits related to injuries or deaths from your products can drive you to bankruptcy.

Understanding your commercial insurance options is an essential part in making sure that you succeed with your business. The primary protection part of the commercial insurance is understanding what type of liability insurance you need. Basic liability insurance does cover most situations you’re in, but one aspect of business insurance that differs from standard insurance is the fact that you have many niche products that you select from to provide complete coverage for your business.

Product liability increases the protection amount surrounding your products, and it’s a must if you are creating and selling tangible products. If you are offering services instead, you’re still not off the hook. A client could hit you with a lawsuit due to financial losses associated with your advice. The liability insurance to help you out with this situation is called errors and omissions.

If you’re running a home based business, a good thing to be aware of is the fact that personal homeowners insurance probably won’t cover a lot in the way of your commercial losses. Commercial property insurance takes the guesswork out of whether or not your home based business is covered.

Get free online insurance quotes when you get in touch with us. Our independent agents will get you set up with the best commercial insurance options available in Texas for your business.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Riders and Passengers in Dallas, TX?

Allowing riders and passengers on your boat may seem simple, but there is always the possibility that an accident may occur. Your boat insurance in Dallas, TX may or may not offer coverage to protect the passengers on your boat when an accident occurs. Recognizing the details of your policy can be an important part of protecting your passengers.

Liability Protection

A liability policy for a boat will often require proof that the accident was your fault before you are able to make a claim and help pay for any medical expenses that arise. Generally, a liability policy is designed to protect against negligence or accidents that you caused on the water.

You should keep in mind that your passengers may be excluded from the policy, so it is important to read the details before you assume that they are protected.

Additional Coverage

If you discover that your current plan will not cover any passengers or riders on your boat, then you will need to purchase additional coverage. Generally, insurance providers will allow you to buy a policy that includes additional protection for your personal boat and for the individuals who are on your boat if an accident occurs.

Depending on the details of the plan, you may or may not need to specifically request coverage for your guests. Some policies may include the coverage in your basic plan, but it may be necessary to add to the basic coverage if you feel that it is not enough.

Boat insurance can protect against liability concerns, but it may not always be enough to address your personal worries. To learn more about protecting your passengers and any riders on your boat in Dallas, contact us to speak to an agent today.

Saving Money On RV Insurance Rates in Dallas, TX

As the owner of a Recreational Vehicle, you already know that you have a truly special and unique vehicle that does require equally special insurance. You may also own a car, a motorcycle, or other vehicles, but the insurance that you need for those types of vehicles is definitely different than what a Recreational Vehicle will require. The rates for your RV insurance in Dallas, TX will vary quite a bit depending upon the exact coverage that you choose. However, you can keep your rates low by considering the following money saving moves.

One way that you can really help keep the cost of your RV coverage down is to tailor it to the times you actually use the Recreational Vehicle. Some people drive their Recreational Vehicles for only around half the year, or maybe even for only a few months out of the year. Perhaps you are a person who works during the year but vacations in your RV for three months each summer. If your RV is left in storage for the remainder of the year, there is no reason that you have to maintain full coverage for that whole time. Your agent can help you create a policy that will give you full coverage when you need it and minimal coverage while you’re not on the road.

Another great way to save money on your RV coverage is to make sure that you bundle all your auto coverage together. Many RV owners have at least one other vehicle since RVs are rarely used as daily drivers. If you add your car to your policy, you can often get a significant discount on the policy as a whole.

Our independent agents at State Insurance Solutions Agency are here to help you get the best RV insurance coverage possible. We want you to get not only a great policy, but also a great price. Contact us anytime to get free comparative quotes from multiple major insurance carriers, all at one time!