My business is just starting out in Macedon, NY. Do I need to get insurance Arlington, TX?

Imagine you’re finally getting that start up off the ground, but instead of being located in the Arlington, Dallas or El Paso areas, your new business is located in Macedon, NY. Your new start up requires a lot of things in order to be successful, but the one thing you can’t do without is commercial insurance. Whether you start your business in Texas or New York, you’ll need this essential form of insurance to keep yourself protected against a wide range of liabilities.

Although you probably think that you don’t need insurance right away, you have to be prepared for any sort of risk starting with the first day of business. After all, a catastrophic loss could occur the moment you open your doors for business and your independent agent won’t be able to help you after the fact. Being adequately insured against a broad array of potentially catastrophic scenarios is something that is unavoidable, in the vast majority of cases.

In most states including Texas and New York, businesses with employees are legally required to carry workers compensation and disability benefits insurance. Depending on the jurisdiction, you may also be required to carry other forms of commercial insurance. A landlord may also require you to maintain a certain amount of liability coverage in order to maintain your property lease. Last but not least, your investors may require you to maintain coverage in order to protect their investments.

No matter where you set up your business, it’s likely that you’ll need commercial insurance coverage. It’s important that you contact us to speak to an independent agent if you have any questions or if you need specific details concerning your insurance needs.

I am Planning a Trip to New York With my Boat. Is my Boat Still Covered by your Policy in Dallas, TX and do I Need a Cruising Extension?

Going on a vacation with your boat can mean that your insurance in Dallas, Texas must expand to fit the situation. If your boat is damaged while you are cruising to New York, then you will want to have appropriate coverage to repair your property. Depending on the current policy that you own, it may be best to add a cruising extension to your policy to property protect your ship.

Basic Coverage

In many cases, you will be covered for sailing your boat in a variety of locations, even if you are no longer in the waters that are considered part of the state. Although you may have some protection, the amount may not be enough if you are taking your ship to a different state.

A basic coverage plan may have exceptions and clauses that prevent you from repairing your ship if it is damaged while you are sailing it a large distance. The reason is related to the risks. If you are sailing on the ocean, then you have a greater number of risks to your ship than a short fishing trip on a placid lake.

Extending Coverage

If you plan to sail to New York, then you will want to have a cruising extension added to your coverage. The extended coverage will protect your boat while you are on vacation and allows you to make claims, even if your basic plan did not cover long-distance sailing.

Evaluating your policy and adding to the basic coverage is essential before you take your ship to a different state. Since every policy is different, the details of your plan may vary. Contact us to talk to an independent agent for more details about your policy options.

If I am on Vacation and my RV is Damaged, do you Offer Coverage that will Help me on Expenses for Lodging in Arlington, TX?

During a vacation in Arlington, Texas, it is possible that an RV will be damaged in an accident. If damaged, then it may mean that you will need to find a hotel or other lodging until the vehicle is repaired. Although it is possible that your insurance may offer solutions to help pay for the expenses associated with staying in a hotel, the exact details of your coverage plan may vary.

Details of a Policy

Every insurer has a different method of determining your coverage. If your policy provides coverage for lodgings when you are involved in an accident, then you may not need to worry about paying for a hotel or other costs associated with the visit.

On the other hand, some insurers may have a clause or exception that limits the amount of funds that are available. In some cases, you may have only partial coverage for the hotel expenses.

Minimum Coverage

If you purchased the minimum coverage, then you may not have options available to pay for lodgings. The minimum coverage may not help if your RV is damaged because it will focus on liability and personal injury protection rather than lodgings.

Evaluate your coverage before you make any claim on your account. In some cases, you may have protection against accidents and solutions to help pay for a hotel. In other cases, your policy may not offer any protection to pay for lodgings.

Every insurance policy is different, so it is important to learn about the details of your plan before you make a claim. Contact us to talk to an independent agent to learn more about your specific policy.

My neighbor’s tree fell across my fence. Will their insurance cover the damage in Arlington, TX?

If your neighbor’s tree comes crashing down on the fence surrounding your Arlington, Texas home, their insurance may or may not cover the damages. It all depends on the particular reason or reasons why the tree fell and whether or not your neighbor could have or should have been able to reasonably anticipate the possibility of the tree falling.

The weather in Texas can play havoc on trees. Freezing rain in Dallas or strong winds in El Paso could send a neighbor’s tree tumbling down on your fence or even worse, through the roof of your home. Liability can be different depending upon the particular set of circumstances that were present when the tree fell.

In most cases your neighbor will be covered under his or her homeowner policy for the damage to your fence if a healthy tree in their yard is struck by lightening or uprooted by a severe storm. Damage to your fence from your neighbor’s tree that would not have fallen on its own, without an outside force of nature intervening, is covered by the tree owner’s insurance.

If that tree was dead or in a state of decay and your neighbor knew, or should have known that it was unstable, any damage caused by it falling on your fence would not be covered by your neighbor’s homeowner policy. It is the responsibility of each homeowner to maintain their property and prune or remove trees that present a threat to both their property and their neighbor’s property.

Whether you live in Arlington, Ft. Worth, or clear across the border in New Mexico, you should be diligent about maintaining tall trees that are on your property. While you do not have a legal duty to cut down trees that present a hazard, if you know about them and they fall, insurance may not cover the bill.

If your neighbor’s tree falls and damages your fence, and their insurance company refuses to pay, your neighbor may still be liable. You may be able to settle the inevitable dispute amicable, or, you may wind up taking your neighbor to court. For more information about how insurance companies handle fallen tree claims, please give us a call and an independent agent will go over the specific times when insurance will, won’t and might pay a claim for a fallen tree.