Will my Business Insurance in Dallas, TX, Cover Damages to Vehicles in the Parking Lot?

When you purchase business insurance, you want to cover all of the possible problems that may occur. In some cases, you may worry about protecting the vehicles of your clients when they are parked in the parking lot. In Dallas, Texas, your commercial insurance may or may not provide protection for damages to vehicles that are parked in the parking lot of your business.

Liability Protection

In most cases, an insurer will offer some form of liability protection for customer property that is damaged at your place of work. For example, if a customer falls and breaks a cell phone, then your insurer might pay for the damages to the phone as well as any medical expenses.

The liability protection can vary between insurers and the policy that you select, so it is important to read through the document to determine if you are covered.

Fault in the Accident

When vehicles are damaged in your parking lot, your insurer may determine that you do not have any responsibility based on the situation and circumstances surrounding the accident. For example, if two customers crash in the parking lot, then it is likely that their auto coverage will pay for the damages and medical expenses because the company is not at fault in that situation.

On the other hand, if an employee caused the accident or the damages stem from company equipment, then the business insurance may cover the damages.

Ultimately, the exact details of the policy may vary based on the amount of protection that was purchased and the situation that is contributing to the costs. It may or may not cover the damages, so it is important to read through the policy details to determine if the situation is covered. Talk to an independent agent today for more details about your specific policy.