What Insurance Discounts are Available in Texas and How Do You Qualify for Them ?

If you are living in Texas, and in particular, in a major city such as Dallas, El Paso or San Antonio, and you are looking for an insurance policy for your home or auto, your independent agent can help you learn about some of the available discounts and how you can qualify for them. Bundling Policies One very simple way to get a discount on any type of coverage in Texas is by bundling the different types of coverage together. Bundling policies simply means that you purchase each different type of coverage from the same company so that you can get a package deal. Even if you don’t own a home, but want to purchase renters insurance, you can still get a bundle discount by purchasing your renters and auto insurance from the same company. A real advantage to purchasing policies like this is that you won’t have to worry about paying for each premium on a different date. With a bundle, you can pay premiums on all of your policies simultaneously. Your Texas independent agent can guide you as to the types of bundles that are available for any type of protection you may need. How to Get Discounts on Your Auto Insurance Policy If you are a Texas auto owner and you drive a hybrid vehicle or one that uses other types of alternative fuel, you may be able to get a discount on your auto insurance policy. Your independent insurance agent will be able to tell you what companies offer this type of discount and how to get it. Good Student Discounts Good student discounts are available to teens who get high grades – as long as they meet the necessary criteria which includes:

  • They must be at least 16 years-of-age, but not older than 24-years old.
  • They must be enrolled in either high school or college as full-time students.
  • They must maintain a GPA of no less than 3.0 (or a B average,) or the student must earn and maintain a place on either the Dean’s List or school’s Honor Roll.

Discounts for Completing State-Approved Drivers Education Course Providing proof that a teen has taken a state-approved drivers education course and passed it with flying colors may entitle a parent to get a reduced rate on car insurance for the student they want to add to their policy, or for the auto insurance they may be taking out for their teen on a separate vehicle. Reduced Mileage Discounts Though not all Texas insurance providers will give discounts to policy holders who do very little daily driving, a handful of insurance providers do offer it. You may qualify for this discount if you drive under 25 miles a day, or if you yearly driving mileage totals less than 7500 miles. Some companies allow for double this amount. An independent agent should be able to help you find the companies that do offer this type of discount. Other Ways to Get Discounts There are other ways to get discounts on auto insurance in Texas. As an incentive to drivers who have never been arrested for DUI, some companies may give a discount based on that. Most companies will give discounts to drivers over the age of 25, and to drivers with pristine, accident-free driving records year after year. You may also qualify for discounts on Texas auto insurance, especially in places like Dallas, El Paso and San Antonio if your car has anti-theft devices such as an alarm, a steering wheel bar, a window sketching system that makes it impossible for would-be thieves to grind down the Vehicle Identification Number, or other features such as tire pressure monitoring systems and anti-lock brake systems. The best way to find out about all available discounts on any insurance policy is by talking to your Texas independent agent, and going over the types of coverage you need for your home and auto, and what things you and family members can do to help you qualify for more discounts and lower insurance policy rates.