In Arlington, TX, Does Driving in a wrong way due to an emergency result in a conviction?

Imagine it is 2;00 AM in Arlington, Texas and your wife wakes you up and says it’s time, the baby is coming. Well, after you realize you are awake and not dreaming, you have to rush her to the car and get to the hospital as soon as possible. In your haste to make it there in what is clearly an emergency situation, you wind up going 90 miles per hour down the empty highway.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, a Texas Trooper pulls you over and gives you that all so familiar stern look. You know it was wrong to be going so fast and under normal circumstances, you would expect a ticket and a conviction for breaking the traffic laws in the state of Texas.

If you are lucky and happen to get pulled over by a sympathetic officer, he may use his discretionary powers to escort you to the hospital and not issue you a speeding ticket. If you are not so lucky, you will be issued a citation and your auto insurance rates will probably go up because your vehicle was traveling at an excessive speed.

Each situation is different when you are caught driving in a wriong way in Texas. If you are swerving in and out of your lane in El Paso, you may be pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. Whether you are eventually convicted of the chqarges can have a major impact on your insurance rates.

Most officers have heard every story in the world about why you were driving the wrong way and are not very sympathetic to your pleas for foregiveness. Instead of driving the wrong way in an emergency situation and possible causing an accident, it is often smarter to call 911 and get help.

Unless you are being chased by a guy firing at you with a gun or have another life or death emergency, there is really no excuse for driving in the wrong way. If the result of your actions is a conviction for careless or reckless driving, your auto insurance rates can easily go way up. If this happens to you, give us a call and an independent agent may be able to help you get a lower insurance premium for your car.