Will my Business Insurance in Dallas, TX, Cover Damages to Vehicles in the Parking Lot?

When you purchase business insurance, you want to cover all of the possible problems that may occur. In some cases, you may worry about protecting the vehicles of your clients when they are parked in the parking lot. In Dallas, Texas, your commercial insurance may or may not provide protection for damages to vehicles that are parked in the parking lot of your business.

Liability Protection

In most cases, an insurer will offer some form of liability protection for customer property that is damaged at your place of work. For example, if a customer falls and breaks a cell phone, then your insurer might pay for the damages to the phone as well as any medical expenses.

The liability protection can vary between insurers and the policy that you select, so it is important to read through the document to determine if you are covered.

Fault in the Accident

When vehicles are damaged in your parking lot, your insurer may determine that you do not have any responsibility based on the situation and circumstances surrounding the accident. For example, if two customers crash in the parking lot, then it is likely that their auto coverage will pay for the damages and medical expenses because the company is not at fault in that situation.

On the other hand, if an employee caused the accident or the damages stem from company equipment, then the business insurance may cover the damages.

Ultimately, the exact details of the policy may vary based on the amount of protection that was purchased and the situation that is contributing to the costs. It may or may not cover the damages, so it is important to read through the policy details to determine if the situation is covered. Talk to an independent agent today for more details about your specific policy.

Which is the fastest way to get a home insurance policy in Dallas, TX?

Buying a home is an exciting path that so many people take on a daily basis. If this is your first home purchase, then you may have to get insurance on your new home the fastest way possible. To help you get the policy you need in the El Paso and Dallas, Texas area here are some ways that you should be able to get the coverage you need to close on your home.

How to Get Home Insurance on Your Home the Fastest Way Possible

  • One way that you can get insurance on your home is to contact your independent agent. They can provide you with a quote once you give them the information that you need.
  • Get online and get a quote by simply entering the information into the system. Once you find a quote that you like you will still need to contact the agent and get the policy put into force.
  • Ask your current employer if they use an insurance broker to offer insurance to employees. You might be able to get extra discounts by using their services.
  • Contact your agent that insures your car. You might be able to get a policy with the same company that protects your cars and get a good discount at the same time.

If you are moving to the Dallas area and have questions about how you can get an insurance policy for your home fast, then call your independent agent today. As your agent we can help answer any questions that may come up during the insurance process. Call us today and let us give you the information that you need in order to close on your home with the insurance policy needed to protect the home correctly.

What if I want to keep my damaged vehicle after a claim in Dallas, TX?

When your vehicle is damaged after being in an accident, and you file a claim with your auto insurance company in Dallas, Texas, one of two things will usually happen. First, your insurance company can pay to have your car repaired and restored to the condition it was in before the accident occurred. Second, your insurance company can decide to total your car and pay you an amount equal to the fair market of the vehicle before the accident took place.

If the former happens, your car is repaired and returned to you. If the latter happens and your car is declared a complete loss with nothing more than salvage value, you have the right to keep the car based on several conditions set forth in Texas auto insurance law.

You can keep your damaged vehicle if the vehicle is titled in your name and there is no lien on the vehicle. But why would you want to keep a vehicle that the insurance adjuster says would cost more to repair than the car is worth?

Well one reason would be if you had a brother-in-law in El Paso who happened to own an auto body shop. If your brother-in-law said he could fix it with parts he got from a junkyard and not charge you for labor, it might be worth your while to try to restore the car.

If you do decide to keep your car after your Dallas insurer has decided to total the vehicle, you should notify your insurance company or independent agent as soon as possible and let them know of your intentions. Your can keep your auto and your settlement check will be reduced by the salvage value that your insurance company would have received if you did not elect to keep your auto.

As your independent agent, we would caution you about rescuing your vehicle when it has been totaled by your insurance company. Even if you restore it, you may have a difficult time getting it insured. The vehicle will almost certainly be worth less than you think. However, it is your decision to make, so just be sure you think about it before you decide.

What Happens if My Vehicle Is Severely Damaged in New Mexico?

If your vehicle is severely damaged in New Mexico, what happens next may depend on how the car was damaged and what, if any, insurance coverage you are able to put into play. The good news is that all drivers with vehicles registered in New Mexico are required to purchase liability coverage, so you and any other local drivers involved are likely to at least have some insurance coverage. The bad news is that this type of coverage is not all-inclusive. New Mexico requires residents to purchase a minimum of ten thousand dollars worth of property damage coverage as part of their liability insurance plan. However, this coverage only kicks in to pay for the property damage of the party that is deemed not to be at fault, and even the full ten thousand dollars may not cover the costs to repair or replace a damaged vehicle.

We can connect you with an independent agent who can help you ensure that you have the appropriate auto insurance coverage to repair or replace your vehicle if it becomes severely damaged. The worth of your car and the potential expense of repairs or purchasing a similar car today will be taken into consideration when recommending a plan for you. If you depend on your car and it would be worth it to you to have plenty of coverage in case of damage, you will want more than just liability coverage. You’ll want to consider collision coverage for accidents that occur on the road and comprehensive coverage for vandalism, theft, and other perils. Uninsured or under-insured motorist insurance could also play an important role in protecting your investment. Our professionals are ready to help you evaluate your needs.