Can I buy an umbrella policy in Dallas, Texas, without having any other policies?

If you’re looking for good insurance coverage in the Dallas, Texas area, it’s vital that you work with an independent agent like us who can find you what you need. That way you’ll be sure you’re covered. If you have concerns about liability, you may want to get an umbrella policy. These are designed to provide extra coverage once your other insurance policies have reached their limits. Because of that, they can’t be purchased by themselves. It may seem easier to just get a single umbrella policy and have it cover everything, but it doesn’t work that way.

By going through an independent agent for all your insurance needs, you can get the standard policies to cover your home, car, and life. Then you can get an umbrella policy added onto it if you find that you may need or want more coverage. Some people have more of a liability risk than others, or they have a great deal to protect financially. The umbrella policy assures them that they can have coverage even in the most extensive of circumstances. The cost of the policy is something to take into consideration, though.

The more coverage you want, the more the price will go up. That just makes sense. However, that’s one of the big advantages of working with us. Because we’re independent, we can get you quotes from several different companies. You can look at price and coverage differences, and find what works best for you. If you have questions, we can get those answered so you won’t have to wonder if you bought the right policy. The more you know, the better you can protect yourself, your family, and all your possessions. That’s a great way to have peace of mind.

What safety measures should be undertaken by the on boarders to be covered under a boat insurance in Fort Worth, Texas?

Having a boat can lot of fun. If you live in the Fort Worth, Texas area and enjoy boating, it’s time you came to see us. As an independent agent, we can find you the right insurance so you know you are covered. All the on-boarders on your boat will want to be protected, and we can work with you to make sure that’s the case. It’s crucial that you get the right policy, since the wrong one could really cause you a some difficulty. You’d hate to have a problem and then find you weren’t covered.

One of the most crucial things is that you have life jackets for everyone on board. It’s even better if each person wears that life jacket the entire time you’re out on the water. They aren’t always the most comfortable, but they can definitely save lives. Even good swimmers can need them. Children should always have life jackets on, no matter their age or how well they swim. It’s much safer, and is also generally required. The more you know about boating safety rules (and the more you follow them) the better off everyone on your boat will be.

You should also have a fire extinguisher, as well as any and all safety equipment that are required by law or even recommended. Make sure you know how to use all of that equipment, too. Having it won’t do you any good if you can’t use it in an emergency. Knowing how to use it properly can keep you and any on-boarders safe from harm. You’ll have a good trip out on the water, and if an issue does arise you’ll know how to deal with it. The more you comply with safety features, the better your insurance rates, as well.

Do I need to have insurance when I organize an event or festival in Dallas, Texas?

There are always festivals, fairs and other public events taking place in and around the streets of Dallas. Those events do not just spring up spontaneously. They take months or even a year to plan. You must reserve a date, place and time with the city of Dallas before you can begin to set up the tents, booths and concession stands.

As the organizer of an event or festival in Dallas, Texas, it is your responsibility to get both the proper licensing from the city and also purchase a commercial event insurance policy. If you decide to organize an art show in a city park or put on a music festival on city owned property or a state right-of-way, you need to purchase insurance for the event.

Before you can be approved to organize and hold the event, you must show a certificate of insurance that meets with the city and state requirements. You must also list the City of Dallas as a Named Insured on the certificate of insurance. The amount of personal injury coverage, in case someone is injured or killed during the event must be at least $1,000,000. You also must have $1,000,000 for property damage and a $1,000,000 in General aggregate coverage.

The purpose for this large amount of insurance is not only to protect your interests in case something happens, but also to protect the city of Dallas if they are sued as a result of something that happens during the event on city property. If you will be using a State road for at least four hours while the event is happening, the state of Texas wants you to have a $600,000 General commercial policy and, in some cases, workmen’s compensation and business automobile liability insurance.

If you need help deciphering the type of insurance you need or are looking for a good place to buy a commercial insurance policy for an upcoming event, give us a call. We work with a number of excellent insurance carriers who provide this type of insurance and an independent agent will be happy to get you the right coverage so you can move ahead with your Dallas event.

What is Product Liability Insurance in Arlington, Texas?

Every business in Arlington, Texas requires some form of product liability insurance. The coverage is designed to protect a company from financial losses in specific situations. Depending on the product and the company, the amount of liability coverage required will vary.

Basics of Coverage

Product liability coverage is designed to help pay for damages to customer property, medical bills or other problems that arise when a product is defective, damaged or does not have appropriate warnings against possible dangers.

The primary purpose of the coverage is protecting against financial losses. For example, if you are facing a lawsuit because you sold a defective product that caused an injury, then the insurance would pay for part or a most of the costs incurred by the lawsuit. It might also pay for the settlement expenses.

Businesses That Benefit

The product liability coverage is designed for commercial companies that sell or provide a specific consumer product. The policy is not designed for businesses that provide a service, such as cutting hair or giving massages to clients. The coverage only protects against financial losses that are related to customer products or items that are sold to the customer.

The companies that should consider product liability coverage are manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, marketers or traders of the product. If the business does not have any product, then the coverage is not appropriate for the specific needs of the business. The level of coverage will also vary between companies. For example, a manufacturer will need more coverage than a retailer because defects and problems are often traced to the manufacturer.

Protecting a business requires a wide range of preparation and insurance. Before making any decision about options that are appropriate for a company, it is best to talk about options and clarify the coverage that is most appropriate for the type of business. To learn more about coverage for a business, contact us to speak with an independent agent.