Do I need Flood Insurance in El Paso, Texas? What is covered, and where can I buy it?

There are no homeowner’s insurance policies offering flood insurance coverage. FEMA has the responsibility to remap possible flood risk areas at least every ten years throughout the United States. These flood zones can change at any time, so it is up to the homeowner to know if they are located in a flood zone or they are not.

  • The homeowners that are not located in a flood zone have to decide whether or not they want this type of coverage
  • The homeowners who live in a designated flood zone and have their homes paid off will also have to decide if they want flood protection
  • Those homeowners, who have a mortgage on their homes, have no choice in the matter and will be required to carry flood protection coverage, and this will place as quite a burden on most families residing in the El Paso area

Homeowners are going to be unhappy when they find out that they must now have flood insurance when they were never required to have it before. As of 2013, FEMA has designated most of El Paso, Texas as a flood zone.

This new FEMA mapping is in its final stages, and has not as yet been finalized. If El Paso residents were to buy into a flood protection plan before rezoning of flood zones are finalized, they will be able to get the premiums at a lower rate. Flood insurance can be purchased through your independent agent through the National Flood Insurance program. This program is backed by the United States government.

What is covered on my flood insurance policy?

  • All personal possessions
  • All major appliances and small appliances
  • Uninstalled rugs and carpets
  • Freezer foods
  • Artwork
  • Foundations
  • Central heating and air conditioning units
  • Water pumps
  • Electrical systems
  • Basement drywalls

What is not covered?

  • Money, currencies
  • Gold
  • Stock certificates
  • Platinum
  • Vehicles on property
  • Possessions outside the home, such as, pools, trees, shrubs, garages, sheds

As an independent agent we can help you get the El Paso, Texas policy you need to keep your investment protected and secure from flooding. Call your independent agent today.

When Can my Insurance Company Cancel my Contract in New Mexico?

Once you have taken out a home, auto or commercial insurance policy your independent agent cannot cancel your policy except for the reasons outlined in your policy. Generally the number one reason for cancelation of a policy is for nonpayment of your premiums. States laws limit what the company can include in policies for cancelations. At the end of the term of the policy the company can renew or not renew your policy. As a general rule, if the insurance company is not going to renew your policy, they must give you a 30 written notice of nonrenewable at the end of the policy.

Companies can chose to cancel your auto policy contract in New Mexico if you fail to

  • Not keeping the minimum amounts of liability coverage on your policy as directed by New Mexico law. Bodily injury to the other driver of $25,000. One, two or more persons $50,000, $10,000 for property damage for one accident or by paying a $60,000 surety bond with the treasurer of New Mexico
  • If you do not register with the Mexico Vehicle Department
  • If your insurance company has not forwarded your information to the IIBD
  • By providing fraudulent information regarding your policy coverage
  • If your vehicle VIN number does not match the VIN number in your policy
  • You have not registered with the identification database for New Mexico

In order to assure that your auto coverage is not canceled, make sure that all your contract information matches all information listed on your registration. To avoid cancelation of coverage you must make sure that a licensed New Mexico insurance policy covers your vehicle, then all information is transferred to the identification database for New Mexico.

As an independent agent we can help you sort out all of the issues regarding commercial, auto and home insurance in New Mexico. Call us today and speak with one of our independent agents.

Will My New Mexico or Texas Personal Auto Policy Provide Coverage if I Drive My Vehicle into Mexico?

If you live near Las Cruces, New Mexico or El Paso, Texas, you may be tempted to take a quick day trip to Mexico. However, it’s important to obtain a new insurance policy before you drive to Mexico. While your personal auto policy will cover you in New Mexico and Texas, it will be invalid once you cross the border. In order to follow the laws of Mexico and receive proper protection, you must obtain a Mexican insurance policy.

What is Mexican Car Insurance?

Mexican car insurance is an insurance policy that is offered by a Mexican insurance company. Because the authorities in Mexico are unable to process foreign insurance policies, you must obtain a policy that originates in Mexico in order to be considered insured.

What Type of Coverage Do I Need?

Driving without proper insurance in Mexico can carry serious consequences. If you do not have proper proof of insurance, you may be taken into custody until the authorities can verify proof of insurance. So, it is important to obtain the right coverage before you drive to Mexico.

At minimum, all drivers in Mexico are required to carry liability insurance. This form of insurance will cover the damages in an accident where you are at fault. It is recommended that drivers carry a minimum of $100K in liability insurance. If you are involved in a serious accident, there is a possibility that you could be arrested, even with proper coverage. For proper legal assistance, it is crucial to make sure that your Mexican car auto insurance policy comes with legal coverage that includes any jail bond fees and legal service fees.

Where Can I Purchase Mexican Insurance?

Many agents in El Paso and Las Cruces offer Mexican insurance at extremely high prices. For the best deal, you should purchase Mexican insurance online. If you contact us today, an independent agent can help you figure out the best options on your car insurance coverage.

What are the requirements of “Mandatory Insurance” in New Mexico?

If you drive in Albuquerque, or even if you drive in Las Cruces or Rio Rancho or anywhere else in New Mexico, you better be aware of the fact that insurance is mandatory in the state. As your independent agent, I can help you to stay up to date on the insurance requirements and make sure that you stay legal while driving in the state of New Mexico.

Drivers in New Mexico are required to have liability insurance. The exact minimums consist of two parts: bodily injury liability and property damage liability. For bodily injury or death, motorists need to have at least $25,000 of coverage for each person (up to a maximum of $50,000) and for property damage, you would need an insurance policy with $10,000 in coverage.

You cannot register a vehicle in New Mexico if you do not have proof of insurance. Some of the documents you could get from your independent agent to prove that you are insured include an insurance card, a copy of your auto insurance policy or a letter from your insurance company that verifies your coverage. Again, some type of proof of insurance is mandatory.

If the authorities find out that your vehicle doesn’t meet the mandatory insurance requirements, you will end up having the registration for that vehicle suspended. From there, you will face criminal penalties if you attempt to drive the vehicle without getting it insured and getting the registration updated.

As an independent agent who services Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Albuquerque and a number of other communities in New Mexico, I can keep you up to date on New Mexico auto insurance law and make sure that you meet the mandatory minimum coverage requirements as well as make sure you have whatever further coverage you need to keep you feeling safe and comfortable.

Why did the home insurance company in El Paso, TX not renew my policy despite not making any claims?

If you are a homeowner in El Paso, Texas, keeping your home insurance current is crucial for protecting your home from damages or theft. However, even if you don’t make any claims on your policy, your insurance company may send you a notice of non renewal. While your policy will not be abruptly canceled, your insurance company is notifying you that your policy will expire at the end of the coverage policy period. While filing too many claims is the most common reasons insurers may not renew your policy, there are a few other factors that cause insurers to issue a notice of non renewal.

Unacceptable Safety Hazards

Your insurance company may ask you to submit photographs of your property or submit to a curbside inspection to determine the condition of your home. If your insurer finds that your level of risk has increased significantly, it may decide not to renew your policy. Failing to maintain your plumbing or electrical systems or maintain your home’s exterior could result in non renewal. El Paso homeowners should also refrain from storing flammable materials, such as large piles of wood or debris, near their house. Fire hazards can especially raise a red flag for Texas insurance providers.

Failure to Make Payments

To keep your coverage active, it is important to make your payments regularly and on time. While most insurers give you a grace period to make your payments before cancelation, too many late payments can be a cause for concern. Be warned: when determining whether to renew your policy, insurance providers factor in your payment history.

If you received a notice of non renewal, it is important to act fast and consult with an independent agent. An independent agent is authorized to offer you policies from a variety of insurance providers and can help you replace your insurance before it lapses. Contact us today to keep your home covered and protected.