Independent Insurance Agents have much more to offer than Exclusive Agents like Allstate, State Farm, Farmers can offer clients.

As Independent Insurance Agents we can contract with multiple companies for all business and personal lines of insurance and are usually licensed in multiple states.   Exclusive Agents can only offer the one company they are contracted with and usually only write in the one state they are located in.  Independent Agents offer choices and real solutions.
Independent Insurance Agents offer ALL lines of business insurance and personal insurance,   Exclusive agents are very limited commercially what lines of insurance and types of businesses they can offer.

Independent Insurance Agents are experts in insurance.   Exclusive Agents are experts only in the one company they are contracted with.  Since Independent Insurance Agents  have multiple companies and states our knowledge of insurance and then industry outweighs that of Exclusive Agents since all they focus on is the one company they are contracted with and the one state.   Independent Insurance Agents are truly able to offer expert, knowledge and non-biased insurance information advice.

Independent Insurance Agents -- D&B Insurance Solutions,  because Insurance Matters & So Does Your Insurance Agent!

Dee Faith Gonzales

Thursday, March 30, 2023